Best Games of 2021 thread

Fine. I’ll try Dungeon Encounters. Jeez.

Hell yeah, I’m all about that top 5!

You were all asking about the top games as chosen by, right?

Yes, I’m sure the kids loved The Vale, Mundaun, Black Book, Chicory: A Colorful Tale, Before Your Eyes, and Genesis Noir.

i haven’t heard of a single one of those.

Does that prove i am still young? :0

Catapault Feud looks great! Should fit in an Xmas stocking for the kids!

ScreenRant has a list of the best indies of 2021, but they forgot Unpacking.

A lot of these lists feel like someone in a small office said “Ok, who’s not doing anything? You, yeah you. I need a Best Indie Games of 2021 post in my inbox by 9am tomorrow morning. What do you mean you’ve only been playing Apex Legends? Dude, Google some shit. Copy someone elses’s list if you have to, I don’t care. Nobody ever takes this crap seriously anyway.”

Also forgot Bonfire Peaks.

This thread so far:

So just like every other year then.

If you get the chance, you should definitely play Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. It’s tough to define what elevates some games above others when there’s so many of them that follow genre norms and do things by the numbers, it feels like. Crack in Time has all those normal gameplay things, plus it has so many little touches, like whole wonderful sections where you fly through space, whole sections where you land on little planets and jump and collect things on these little planets (this game came out before Super Mario Galaxy, that did something similar), and it has these Clank time puzzles that are also different from any other game. It really makes the game stand out as extraordinary, not just a game where you shoot enemies and collect bolts and jump on platforms.

Polygon published their list.

I’m only on number 46, but holy shit, already Mundaun and Tender: Creature Comforts sound amazing. And I’ve never heard of these games before.

Yeah, I’m really keen on playing Mundaun!

Aaaaalmost gives Unpacking its due. But I’m glad to see it up there when other lists and awards have missed it entirely. Kinda shocked by the Chicory placement!

Also Number 1 is a game I’ve never heard of. And it’s a game about games, apparently. It reminds me of how Oscar voters love movies about making movies, so it makes sense that a game website would love a game about games and make it their best game of the year. Although as a gamer, maybe I would also appreciate a game about games.

Another list that’s wrong because it doesn’t include Northern Journey. I predict this will be a consistent trend in all these lists, alas!

It got some discussion in the deckbuilder thread, as well as three GotM mentions here.

I’m just happy to see Echoes of the Eye nearly in the top 10. That’ll shut me up for a few lists at least.

Edit: and wow, they spoil a large part of it and describe it as ‘minor spoilers’.