Best games with production chains?

Finally got to the second level (I guess technically the -1th level). So… There’s nothing new here. I can’t build a shaft to transport stuff between levels, because that takes tin. I can build another shaft here, but in order to power it, I need to rebuild my entire production infrastructure on this level? That sounds… tedious.

The shaft persists through all the levels. You only ever have to build one shaft digger. Feed it more materials and it will dig one more level down. You’ll find tin on level -5. Keep in mind that anything in storage on any level can be used to build things. You only need to shift materials around to feed machines.

I haven’t had that problem. The main issue I have is that the game desperately needs blueprints–those stupid air purifiers bug me to no end (and they’re largely a meaningless distraction anyway).

It is a very strange challenge, especially coming from Factorio where there are no waste products, per se. Once you can build more storage then that challenge is greatly alleviated but it doesn’t seem to go away completely.

As @Matt_W said, you don’t, it will keep digging down as long as you keep it supplied. So tune up your top level to keep it supplied as much as possible. That said, I disagree (fairly strongly) with the decision to put tin as far down as they did. My advice, once you’ve got the digging going as fast as you can, is to build massive steel foundries on the intervening floors while you wait to hit tin.

Oh thank goodness.

I found tin! And made bronze! And discovered electricity!

Right before the update which makes it easier to find tin and make bronze…

Anyway, gotta figure out how this electricity thing works…

I have produced oil! (Still talking about The Quarry, by the way). That was a long and convoluted process.

Oh, yeah, I really slowed down once electricity showed up. I did get batteries, eventually. Now I’m working on the gas turbine thingy, but that’s a ways off…

I seem to have hit a bug. I built my full distillation column. The first stage outputs distilled oil, but as soon as I attach a tank, a drop of crude oil appears in the tank, so it won’t accept any of the distilled oil, and everything stops. I’ve deleted and rebuilt the tank and pipes a bunch of times, but every time, a drop of crude appears in the tank. So I’m completely stuck.

Someone reported this issue on reddit (was it you?) I’ve never tanked distilled oil and I’m not sure if it’s ever necessary. I think you can just return it to the distillery. I tank crude, refined, lubricant, and gas, but the distilled oil is only ever used to make refined oil.

It wasn’t me. Anyway, I’ll try that. It wasn’t clear to me what you’re supposed to do with the distilled oil, so I was just trying to put it in a tank until I figured it out. I guess I’ll try feeding it back into the distillery.

Edit: No, that doesn’t work, because what comes out of the refinery is “Pre-processed crude oil” which is different than distilled oil. So you can’t put both things into the distillery because pipes will only carry one kind of fluid.

Did you mean put it back into the refinery? Which of the 77 pipes on the refinery do I use??

Edit again: Ok, I got it. Thanks!

Yeah, sorry. You can put a distilling column on each of the four corners of the refinery and you should have in-out connections to facilitate that.

Same thing happened to me with the oil in the tank and I solved it the same way.

Is anyone here playing the mobile game, The Quarry? I only play it on occasion, and last Friday, all my saves were wiped. Has this happend to anyone else?

There are a few of us playing it. I just checked, and my saves are still there. Sorry that happened:(

Mine are there too. I would be really bummed out since I have 34 hours in my save right now according to the time on it.

Anybody checked out Prosperous Universe?

It’s a browser-based (which actually works really well) game in which you start off as a miner, farmer, fuel manufacturer or whatever and build up your base and production lines, and eventually sell the products to other players on the commodity exchange. All goods are player-manufactured/bought/sold, and happen in real time - so for example your smelter might take 12 hours to produce Iron from inputs of Carbon, Oxygen and Iron Ore (all of which have to be sourced, along with worker rations etc). Then that resource needs to get to market, as you may be producing it on a planet with no exchange. I think the idea is you just log on a couple of times a day and do what needs to be done.

I’m only a few days in but it’s quite fascinating. Probably a lot of the appeal is working out your formulas for making a profit, and the big disadvantage is that starting can be quite slow once you’ve done that - I have my production chain materials sourced for the next ten real life days, but I don’t have much cash left to do anything else with, so I’m not sure if I just sit around for those ten days or what.

It’s in early access so you can currently play for free, and today they opened up new plots on the three planets which have commodity exchanges (so if you start on those planets it’s a bit easier to buy and sell without worrying about time/cost to market etc), so it’s a good time to jump in if anyone is remotely interested.

Is that a multiplayer game, with player-to-player trading, Pedro? And can you attack each other in any way, that you’ve seen?

Yes, it’s multiplayer. The players seem like a nice bunch, very helpful, and there are around 150-200 people online most times of the day. All trades are player to player, though there’s a ‘market maker’ for some commodities that I guess they had issues with supply at some point.

There’s no combat, so it focuses pretty exclusively on the economic aspect. I haven’t studied the roadmap so I don’t know for sure if it will stay like that, but I think so.

A fair bit of the appeal for me so far has been working out the systems.

There’s a new Port Royale coming? Interesting. I have…2 or 3 (or both?) but haven’t played it a lot. I much prefer the Patrician games – which I do so love. Wish another of those was coming.

Might be worth giving Port Royale another look, though.

This looks interesting, I might have to check it out.