Best Gaming TV Show EVAR!

Introducing Gamelife:


Al Gore’s vision of “Current TV” is going to come true, but it’s not Current that’s going to be the ultimate repository of user generated content, it’s YouTube, and Google Video.

The democratization of the mass media is here. Because in any sane theocracy or dictatorship, the perpetrators of this “Video Gaming Blog” would be executed at dawn.

Does anyone here subscribe to Current? How is it?

When he’s summing up his review of Guitar Hero, his first comment is that “um… the menus are really nice”. He then goes on to say “the graphics… they could use some… sprucing up, but there’s nothing that I would really do…”

Not going to watch anymore, but that amused me.

I don’t subscribe to it (it’s not available in Canada) but I’ve got a buddy with a grey market US DirecTV sub that gets it, and it’s quite good. I’ve spent a fair bit of time watching “pods” and I’ve been entertained/informed.

The viewer generated content is 100x better than the dreck that Gary posted, because it gets vetted by folks online. So, if you want an early glimpse at stories that could end up on Current, you can watch them online and judge for yourself.

The Current produced content is usually superior to the VC2 stuff, but it all tends to be quite decent, with some really exceptional stuff once in awhile.

The best gaming TV show EVAR is quite clearly Consolevania.

Done. Except since this is Singapore, they will probably just sue your pants off and run you out of the island. More humane, perhaps?

Please tell me that was a joke…

I’m thinking they should have maybe gone for a second take on a few of those.