Best GTA4 mods?

I tried searching the forum for this topic, but I guess the terms aren’t search-friendly. Does the hive-mind agree on any mods in particular?

If you want it to be the most impressive looking game of all time try the ENB and VisualIV mods.

Thanks, that is visually quite an improvement. I’m looking more for something that might offer new single-player missions, or a trainer.

Holy crap that mod looks amazing. I’m also seeing new cars in that YouTube video - I thought GTA4 was pretty limited mod wise with regards to adding new cars and such.

Well, they locked the game down quite a bit more compared to GTA:SA, but people eventually just externalize all the data anyways and crack the protections.

I wonder what kind of machine was used to record that video? Notice the horrible framerate in that video. Hopefully that’s recorded on a weak PC.

Not that it matters to me anymore. My SSD/main boot hard drive just failed today. Now I’m posting from my wife’s lap top. That PC of mine was super fast, and last 13 months before a catastrophic failure. A new record for me. I think PC gaming just isn’t for me. The universe has been trying to tell me that for years now, and I haven’t really listened.

I think I’ll follow Strusser’s advice and next time I’ll get a laptop. But maybe not the expensive one he was suggesting in the hardware thread. With my luck with PC hardware, even that laptop would fail within a year. Best to keep it cheap and never tax it by using it for gaming. Sigh.

When you say a new record for you, I hope you mean 13 months is the shortest amount of time a PC has catastrophically failed on you.

Nope, none of my PCs have ever lasted 13 months before. It’s always something different that fails each time. Sometimes memory, sometimes CPU, once it was the motherboard, another time it was my graphics card, a couple of times it was my power supply. This time it was the boot hard drive.

We told you about moving in over the old Indian cemetery…

Bad electric maybe?

:-\ My sincere condolences.

Sounds like you’re on the wrong end of the probability curve. It’s like you’re the Mr. Glass version of a PC Gamer.

I’ll probably get lambasted for not Googling this, but is there a mod that allows one to save the game at any point one chooses? It’s frustrating having to replay missions that require you to drive from one side of town to the other before you get to your destination. I mean, I like the scenery and all, but sheesh…

Also, I’d love to have a mod that locks the day-night cycle to any point of my choosing.

A big thing with GTA IV is using cabs to fast travel. Find a cab, pick the location, enter enter there. They’re teleport boxes on wheels.

If your hardware components always tend to go bad within 12 months, isn’t that actually a boon?
I mean, I don’t know how it is where you live, but we have this sweet thing called “guarantee”, which comes with everything you buy.
If it fails within a year, you can go to the store and say “this was probably not working correctly to begin with” and - wait for it - you get a replacement!
So, fails within a year can be translated to free replacement.
Where’s the problem?


I would just like the thing to run right. The patches keep it from loading on my computer, and reinstalling without patches currently has it so the cutscenes are audio only, including the in-engine ones where people get out of your car and talk to you before walking off.