Best Headline Ever

Best Headline Ever.

Edit: happy, shift6? ;)

ARGH! I just came to the forums to post that! I’ll bet someone else will post it in EE, that’s where I was headed.

You must have been reading the same Slashdot article at the same time I was, but just slower at typing.

I feel so much closer to you now.

Do you like Rosie O’Donnell, too?

I frackin’ hate it when stuff like this is posted (even when it is pretty good, as this one), and I have to click-thru just to read it. Like you’re getting credits per click or some 1999 banner ad POE shit.

For those who don’t wanna, the headline is: “Skywalkers in Korea Cross Han Solo”

Nah, I saw it at, and he links to the Yahoo version of the AP article.


But do you like S&M Rosie?

No, I don’t.

Me neither. I do like S&M Dana Delany thought.


Great headline. There was an article in the Washington Post several years ago about the best headlines and the one that I thought was the greatest was for a movie review: for the movie “I am a Camera” the headline was “Me no Leica”.

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