Best home networking? and, best net provider in Redmond?

Alright, sorry for all the spam, but I figure it’s better than engaging these topics in one convoluted megathread.

So we have an old D-Link wireless router at home. I think it’s running 802.a connections. It’s slow and it doesn’t have good coverage over the whole house, and we’re only using WEP privacy on it. In short: old and busted.

I’d like to upgrade our wireless infrastructure. Requirements:

  • WPA or better security
  • Works well with both Vista and XP
  • Excellent signal strength

Any recommendations?

Also, who’s the best networking provider in Bellevue / Redmond / Woodinville? DSL? Cable? Which will get you up quickest?

Thanks very very, very much.

If you live in the Verizon area (as opposed to Qwest), it’s FIOS. If not, Comcast.

How would I know which area I live in? Once I actually live there, I mean?

WRT54GL and flash it with Tomato or DD-WRT.

Oh God, flashing it. OK so what’s the best wiki to explain all about doing that? I kind of don’t get off on futzing with the infrastructure, so I might not be quite that motivated.

See if you can get FIOS, they’re rolling it out around here.

If you don’t want to tinker that hard then just buy a nice wireless router and leave it with factory firmware. It may lack some bells and whistles that you wouldn’t have cared about anyway but it will do the job. Almost anything Linksys is going to be fine.

It’s relatively easy painless to do if you’re careful with the exact model of WRT you have.

I installed the wrong DD-WRT and bricked mine but was able to recovery it afterwards to get DD-WRT on right-and-proper.

Go with Tomato.

Um, that sounds like exactly backwards advice for someone who has no passion for tinkering.

I agree Tomato looks neat but reading that feature list it doesn’t seem to add any features that will ever be appreciated by someone who just wants a config-and-forget home networking setup.

Buffalo WHR-G125 Router with DD-WRT. At least get something that supports dd-wrt. Once you go dd-wrt you can’t go back.