Best Judy Greer movie you'll see all year: Adventures in Public School

When she smiles, it’s equal parts maternally beatific and ex-girlfriend lunatic.

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Dammit, I was totally going to throw a “say goodbye to these!” gif in here but you stole my thunder. Ah, hell with it.



“an lightly profane”


I am a fan of Judy Greer since 27 Dresses. 27 Dresses is basically another rom com remake of Pride and Prejudice. She is the fantastically sarcastic and level headed BFF of Catherine Heigl’s vanilla dull and obsessive Elizabeth Bennett equivalent.


I didn’t know who Judy Greer was until Archer:

Since then though…actually I don’t know a way to follow up that clip that isn’t inappropriate.


I <3 Judy Greer.


Yep, that’s Greer’s quirky zeal in full bloom. It almost makes me want to watch Archer.