Best news ever

I find it amusing to think that McGee sold the idea to DISNEY, considering what he probably intended to do with Oz.

Don’t get too excited.

Damn. I was hoping this would be a reversal by Lucas Arts on their cancellation of S&M. Ah, well. Carry on.

Non-kiddie movies are released through disney’s buena vista pictures arm. I can’t remember buena vista releasing any dark movies, exactly, but they did do austin powers, ed wood, pearl harbor, and so on.

I wonder if he’ll get his name put in the movie title… millions of unsuspecting viewers will have the distinct pleasure of asking “who the fuck is american mcgee?”

Kind of like how millions of gamers today do.

I’d have to disagree, for some odd reason too many people I know know American Mcgee’s Alice, and some of them don’t play computer games at all. Which makes it even more wierd.

Nice first post there, American “Shiroko” McGee.

Has he even had a development team in all this time? I didn’t think the guy from crack dot com was THAT talented a programmer.

The guy from is dave taylor-- he also wrote code for doom and quake. Last I heard he was at transmeta.

American was a level designer at id, not a programmer.

I found a website for McGee’s company not long ago. I think they did a GBA game and were working on another. It sounded like they were doing contract work rather than developing their own projects.

I also have it on good authority that McGee considers jumping puzzles an integral part of game design, and that every good game should have them. I’m not making this up.

sounds like Amercan McStoopid.


Alice had fantastic art direction and the nightmarish wonderland theme really worked well. Sure, the actual gameplay was pedestrian, but altogether it was a damn fun game. Based on Alice alone, I’d take a good look at Oz before dismissing it.

Not that it wasn’t stupid to call it American McGee’s Alice, but still.