Best non-gaming 24" monitor (color, viewing angle)?

I need something for work, and I’m hoping to get something from Best Buy or CompUSA etc. Frys is also a possibility.

I’m considering just getting an Apple Cinema HD Display, because it’s good and they’re available to walk in and buy (Dell doesn’t meet that req). But what about other models? I don’t care about refresh rate – visual fidelity trumps that. I’ll only be connecting via DVI (I ritualistically burn all VGA cables on sight).

My opinion is that while the Apple displays are awesome they are,like everything from Apple, overpriced.

One of the cheapest and best, IMO, is the LG 245B. However i only see a HDMI connection and no DVI so i’m not sure how that works out. This is the monitor i WANT to buy but i can’t really afford a 24"+ monitor (any of them). Besides that, i read good things about the Benq 24" solution.

There’s also the “new” Samsung 245BW, however it has a TN filter so i can’t really recommend it for it’s quality. (It’s also A LOT cheaper)

In this case I don’t care as much about the design since it’s for my at-work system, so the usual “design points” for Apple don’t go as far here, and the visual quality, while good, isn’t really the best you can get I don’t think. So yeah, I’m looking at all options for now.

I presume if you’re shopping locally, you want something you can pick up ASAP. Some brands I see recommended routinely are Acer, Gateway, Viewsonic, and Westinghouse; Samsung seems to be hit-or-miss when it comes to build quality. I really like my 22" Westinghouse and my 20" Viewsonic. But your best bet is to check them out in-store and buy from somewhere which will let you return it without hassle if you don’t like it.

This is a bit of a tangent, but doesn’t seem worth starting another thread: I’m looking for a BIG (24"+) 1920x1200 monitor for work which doesn’t break the bank (<$1000). I mostly do e-mail & spreadsheets, so bright sharp text is a must; everything else is “nice to have but not necessary,” though it would be cool if I could find a pivotable monitor in that price range.

Using CDW-G (since that’s where we usually buy our IT stuff), two monitors caught my eye: Acer AL2616Wd and Viewsonic VX2835wm, both under $700. A bit of Googling turns up plenty of positive comments about the Acer, but no professional reviews that I can find; the Viewsonic seems fairly recent, but I did find one positive review for it. All things being equal, I’d rather have the bigger monitor, but I don’t know how their image quality compares.

Does anyone have experience with either monitor or have alternative recommendations? Thanks!

Viewsonic is one major brand that people respect around these parts, and apart from a seriously bad
batch of 19" 4:3 monitors at work, Acer LCDs have all been great to me.
Go find a store that sells both and try to get a side-by-side comparison, then check from above and below angles. Play a bright movie/screen saver.

I love my Dell 2407 FPW. I think I caught it on sale for about six hundred.

I just got the new version of the Dell (the HC model) and I’m in heaven. After tax it was a little over 700.

Another vote for the Dell. I have the older 2405, and the newer 2407. Beautiful image display.

Another vote for the 2407; I love it.

I notice other vendors have the DELL monitor for cheaper than Dell. Where is the place you guys purchased your 2407’s?

Me personally? The 2405 from Dell, and the 2407 from eBay. I get a corporate login that allows me to make a personal purchase at about the same discount rate you’ll get elsewhere. Time that with strategic month end free-shipping deals and you can get a pretty decent direct purchase from Dell. The eBay guy selling Dells, yeah I don’t know what the deal is there but I took the “new, in box” 2407 and ran with it.

Be wary of a few of the Dell discounters. Some are selling refurbs as new.

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I had no intention of getting a new monitor and then I noticed the great price and reviews on the Samsung. I ordered the above from Dell last night. I considered the Dell 2407 which is undoubtedly a better monitor, with more inputs, but which costs 200 dollars more. My fiance is inheriting my old computer system and she commented on how she liked my Viewsonic 22 inch WideScreen. No problem honey, I will just buy us another monitor.