Best (not favorite) sports movie?

For me it’s a toss-up between Bull Durham and Slapshot. Both, incidentally, involve minor leagues.

How about you?


Tin Cup or possibly Kingpin.

Slapshot, no question. The awesomest sports movie, however, is Shaolin Soccer.

Best of the Best 1.

Raging Bull.




In a way, Jaws was the greatest fishing movie ever made.

Major League. Though it would be easier to defend without that damned parenthetical.

As futile as I think any topic like this is, Rudy is an excellent candidate.

I’d probably vote Bull Durham. But The Natural is pretty good, though my view of it is tainted by the fact that the first time I saw it I missed the first part and came in around the time Redford’s character shows up in the majors. So just like the characters I was very caught up in the question of who he was and what his story was. Unlike the full movie, where they tell you the background in the first few scenes.

Breaking Away.

(I’m pretty much obligated to put that one up on account of geography. But it’s a wonderful movie, so I don’t feel too sheepish about my local bias.)

Seconded on Breaking Away.

Slap Shot.

The Natural, Breaking Away, Rudy, Hoosiers or Bend It Like Beckham

Fishing isn’t a fucking sport.

The Damned United, well, it isn’t the best, but it is good.

Chariots of Fire is up there too

Karate Kid, duh.