Best of the prerigged computer systems?

I own a Falcon and I love it! It has had it’s problems (mostly because of me), but their tech support is great. The guys call you back and spend all the time you need to fix the system (even after your warrenty is up).
I have heard bad things about alienware eventhough they typically do well in cgw ultimate gaming rigs. I’ve heard great things about vodoo, but at 5 grand+ I won’t be getting one of those. Anyone have any personal stories about computer companies they buy from and how their systems are?


I bought a gamepc* a few years back. Nice pc, overpriced like all of them, but nice.

Fantastic support, my gf2 was screwed up and they responded to my after hours voicemail that same night from their home, and got me the part the very next day, paid shipping to return their fried gf2.

Still, for a ‘hotrod’ or whatever, I think it is always easier and cheaper to build your own. (easier = no wait time, the 2 week or more delay for build time kills my nerves)

For a general use / regular gaming pc, may as well just grab a dell for 500$ or whatever, they have crazy sales now with all their coupon code hot deal shennanigans.

*just realized that isnt very clear. I mean a gamepc from They have a real nice mailbag sectiont oo, I asked them plenty before I built my last pc just to be sure everything would get along.

I thought Falcon made an interesting point in some magazine’s recent comparison of high-end rigs (MaximumPC?). They pointed out that they are the only ones that did not overclock components at the factory, leaving intact the warranties on those expensive parts. Overclocking and the warranty risk then becomes a customer choice. If you buy overclocked components from someone, remember that the only warranty you get is from the system builder.


These guys are insane. In our review we found that (using reputable online sources) we could build a system for only $75 less than they could. This is of course raw parts from newegg, googlegear, etc. So it doesn’t count assembly, tech support and warranty.

They are absolutely unbeatable.

I’m sure I beat them, but I got free hardware (that nvidia contest last e3, it was worth wearing their awful hsirts.)

Yeah, I’m on an ABS system right now, customized from scratch about 18 months ago and I agree with Jakub’s assessment on the small price differential between Pricewatch raw parts and ABS assembled/tested prices.

Thanks for the tip! I was going to go with these guys until I looked at ABS. I just ordered my new machine today (with a few enhancements). I priced out the components at Newegg and it came to about $100 more than I paid for the assembled/tested/warranted machine.

hey thanks for the tip about ABS…definitely going to check them out