Best online Board Game supplier

For rare and hard to find old boardgames, wargames and rpgs I use titangames

Browse some of the old publishers categories, enjoy :)

Yep friends of mine found it very good, i personally never played it. You have to hurry up though, eagle games have filed for bankruptcy… is the best to me, they usually have the cheapest prices and best shipping for the U.S. would be in a close second place.


Holy Christ I never fully appreciated just how massive Twilight Imperium is until I saw Chowhound’s pic, there. That thing must have its own gravity well.

I think Funagain has already acquired their inventory.

Chowhound, I see a Heroscape box at the bottom. Have you played it? If so, how did you like it?

Heh, that pic doesn’t cover the games stacked on the ground and table next to the closet. Or the 3 bookshelves full at work.

That Heroscape set is like Master set #7 or 8. It’s a great non-collectible minis game that we can play a 1v1 or 2v2 on an hour’s lunch here at work. The game is simple to learn and fast to play, and has enough strategic choices to keep things very interesting and engaging.

The TI3 box is huge, but FFG’s recent games are as well: Descent and WoW come to mind. Last I heard they’re working on an expansion to TI3, as well as a Marvel Heroes as well as a Starcraft one.