Best Patch stuff for yards?

I saw an ad for Patch Perfect and from the very few comments I could find on it, they say it grew well but they lied about coverage big time. So what should I be looking for that will grow as well as a silly tv ad promises?

No idea what you’re even talking about. Crab grass?

I think you should stop paying attention to crazy ads that promise perfect yards and tomato trees.

Have you tried aeration? It’s a little bit late in the season, the best time to do it is when the ground thaws after Winter, or when the weather turns nicer. It’s really popular here now that herbicides and pesticides are illegal.

I just put down some Scott’s patch stuff… I can have a report in about a week, which is when the grass is supposed to start growing.

Cool! I’ll wait until then. I did some more research on this “patch perfect” stuff and apparently the grass is an annual not perennial. So yea, it’s kind of a scam.

I’ve had great success with Scott’s Patch Master. I have two large trees that shade most of my front yard. I did a test with one bag. A week or so later I had green shoots all over. Then I went and got two more bags and covered the whole area. That was year and a half ago. Haven’t had to do much since.

It isn’t a putting green, but it is green now. Very happy with the patch master stuff.

The only places it didn’t do well were spots where I had both too much Texas summer sun, alternated with two much water flow from run off.