Best Pieces of Games Journalism

Well, it was suggested that this be done here.

Please list your favorite bits of games journalism, new or old. Let’s get a feeling for what people find thoughtful and well written.

Try to categorize the piece into one of the following four categories:


Links will help too, but lots of stuff won’t be in there.

I’ll start things rolling by suggesting that everyone who can grab today’s (the 24th) San Jose Mercury. the cover story by Dean Takahashi is about EA_spouse and is very well done.

I’d put this under news.

Dave Long’s column on GamerDad.

Feature, I guess, but Bow, Nigger is a classic.

America Under Attack.

Bow, Nigger is a bit of a conundrum for the categorization…

I’d call it a column, but I suppose technically it’s a blog. It speaks to something I feel answers some questions over game-related journalism: the interesting bits of gaming are on both sides of the fences. Unlike sports, where the athletes and participants are the story, in gaming, the player is just as much of interest as the creator.

This is not to say that developers are boring, but rather, that there are great stories to be told on both sides of the fence.

Good call on all of these so far: good reading material.

I’m not sure which category it comes under. But it was a Sports Therapy that Brett Todd wrote back in the day. Still the funniest thing I’ve read online.

Column: Flight Sim Follies.

Back when scharmers was funny and didn’t wax rhapsodic about console games. My absolute favorite stuff online. Gave you a bit of heads up about flightsims but really took the lunacy of the flightsim newsgroup to task.

Add to that OMM’s reviews of Rune, Alice, and Freedom: First Resistance, How To Get Rich Quick, Death of Adventure Games, and the seminal Crate Review System, and you’d have the required OMM reading down.

Assuming you don’t just consider the whole site required reading, as I do.

I would say that the best game journalism work is done by Tom Chick.

Can I have my old ID back now Tom?

While the freedom: first resistance article is great, I’d say the other OMM stuff there is complete crap. Unless of course he’s trying to be funny by appearing clueless when ripping on stuff…

I agree, and not just because I was in every one, sad attention-needing whore that I was back then.

I don’t know that it qualifies as journalism, but Time To Crate is the greatest game-review mechanism ever invented.

Hey, thanks! I at least have one reader! :)


So these rewards will not be for 2004 only?

Awards or not, I just wanted to see what people liked. And also to find good stuff I’ve not yet seen.

For best game review, I don’t think you can beat this one:

With all due respect, might want to try browsing the site a bit more.

Some of the jokes, especially the anti-Jon Romero jokes, might seem a bit dated, but still hysterical. There also used to be some javascript parody games like “Aliens Versus Child Predator” and “Stratego Final Fight” which were also a hoot, but they don’t seem to work anymore.


Any hints about where this one is from?

I’m waiting for review nominations from my hordes of fans. Sitting here crying and all.

I agree, and not just because I was in every one, sad attention-needing whore that I was back then.[/quote]

uh, back then?