Best Pieces of Games Journalism

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Cry no more Jason!


McMaster wins the Best Jersey award!

I’d vote for that Dallas Observer piece on Ion Storm.

Oh come on. Even I know the answer to this is “Shoot Club”. Hands down.

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Cry no more Jason!


McMaster wins the Best Jersey award![/quote]

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Now that is great. And I’d say it includes a review of multiplayer JKII, by very clearly delivering a sense of how it works and what it’s like to play it. That gets my vote.

Geoff Keighley’s ongoing Behind the Games series on Gamespot.

Hasn’t made me want to buy any game, but it’s not like Behind the Music pieces on VH-1 have made me like Tony Orlando or Grand Funk Railroad. It’s just fascinating work.

I nominate Bill Harris’ blog Dubious Quality, which regularly wanders from actual gaming but is always a delightful read, regardless.

Jaime Fristom’s blog is also a very good read when it’s updated, which is not often.

I read all these, and this one gets my vote by far.

I don’t read anyones column or features on a regular basis. Gametab is my friend.

Without a doubt, these forums.

Totally, the debates on these forums (giving both sides of the arguements), discussions, and everything are just as great to read as any fleshed out editorial.

However, I don’t believe theres a category for “general kickage of ass”.

Long time reader, first time poster, etc.

I’m not sure that a “Blog” can be a type of journalism rather than the way its presented. I’d argue Bow Nigger was absolutely in the centre of what should be considered features, and the fact we have trouble categorising it is a sad testament to the state of most games writing. Its an article about the social mores of an internet gaming society and the mechanisms of the game - you get everything you’ll ever need to know about JK2 duelling through it, after all. He just uses a relatively rare technique to present this information and make it valuable to the reader, by showing how this raw information actually matters with the subjective duel.

Always Black’s follow up, “Possessing Barbie”, is even better, but isn’t online yet. Appeared in last month’s PC Gamer*, and I’m sure will find its way online eventually.

I’ll come back with some more, but a couple always come to mind…


First chapter from “My Tiny Life”, but works as an entity by itself. Online net communities springing of MUDs is towards the periphery of what we consider games journalism (and I’m pretty sure the author would argue against it), but I’d still consider it in the canon.

EDIT - the original article in Village Voice:


A 1972 Rolling Stone feature about Space War and its community, from a pre-videogame age. When it came to light recently in my circles it was argued it could be considered the first videogame review. Its opening line - “Ready or not, computers are coming to the people. That’s good news, maybe the best since psychedelics.” - for me absolutely nails what’s interesting about games, and what we’ve mostly forgotten in the past thirty or so years.



Where does something like “Rome on 640k a day” fall?

I know there’s a lot of pros on this board, so please don’t take this the wrong way, but I searched my mind and remembered nothing of the huge quantities of “game journalism” I’ve read over the years. I think it’s a writing style that’s meant to convey information without a great deal of personality.

What does stand out in my mind probably wouldn’t count as “journalism”:

Seanbaby’s stuff in EGM
OMM, which is the most brutally funny stuff ever, too bad it’s limited to gaming
“Game Developer Survivore” on SomethingAwful.

Apparently, if you don’t amuse me, you won’t make an impression.

It’s fine game writing, sure, but it’s a book (a strategy guide, yes?) and I don’t think it had an independent existence as an article or series of articles. (i.e. It’s not “journalism.”)


Tomchicks “review” of doom3

Its the reason I came to these forums, I even mentioned it in the email to confirm

That was a strategy guide (although an excellent one!) written by the always awesome Johnny Wilson. I would read a blog by him every day, even if it might be a pay site! His editorials made you think about gaming in areas few even recognized. I sorely miss them. Jeff Green, while certainly humerous, doesn’t come close. And George Jones? Don’t even get me started…