Best place to buy a new PS2?

Are there any online dealers that offer such an unbelievable deal that it would be worthwhile ordering one through the mail (paying postage + waiting for package) versus simply picking one up at any typical local electronics/department store?

Just curious, because I want a PS2, but I don’t feel enough excitement about doing so at the $199 price point I see locally.

Buying a new PS2 at any retail store the prices are going to pretty much be the exact same.
Try EBay … just make sure the seller has a decent reputation.

The price is set by the console maker. Unless you’re willing to buy one used, you’ll always pay whatever the console maker’s going rate is. For PS2 and Xbox that’s $199.99 and for Gamecube it’s $149.99.


Sometimes you can get a bundle deal with a game, extra controllers, etc., though, and save a bit that way…

Okay, thanks fellas. Sorry to be thick on that point.

The ironic thing is that I’m going to mostly buy PS1 games at present, as it seems a better bargain to spend $15 on a known classic like Final Fantasy Tactics than investing $50 in some flashy new thing. But I wanted to be ready to play PS2 games when some prices drop, and I have an intuition that the PS3 will probably drop PS1 support.

(In case yer wonderin’, I save my $50 purchases for PC games.)

There’s already a “Hit” collection of PS2 titles for $19.99. At that price, GT3, Jak & Daxter, and Twisted Metal Black are all worth 20 bones easily. I think Tekken Tag is even part of that group and so are some others. I can’t really remember, but at my local Best Buy they have them all lined up. I would definitely investigate those as it is great way to have an instant PS2 collection for around $100.

If you don’t mind buying pre-owned games, there are plenty of really good PS2 games under 30 dollars at EB or Gamestop.

I guess I could clean them off with antibacterial soap first… I dunno. Some of those kids out there are pretty gross.

The kids or the games?

There’s nothing wrong with buying pre-owned. With EB, you can examine the cases/manuals/discs before you buy them so just check the stuff out before you leave.

As Jim says, there’s already an excellent Greatest Hits collection for PS2. For $19.99 you can get… Metal Gear Solid 2, Silent Hill 2, Virtua Fighter 4, Ace Combat 04, Crazy Taxi, SSX, Smuggler’s Run, Midnight Club Street Racing, Jak and Daxter, Gran Turismo 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Max Payne, Twisted Metal Black, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil: Code Veronica and a bunch more. You really don’t need to buy PSOne games unless you really want to (and some of them like Final Fantasy Tactics, you may really want to :) )


You can also shop around a little bit. Try websites like or to find good deals.

Techbargains lists a refurb’d PS2 from for $179.99 - $15.00 coupon + $2.95 shipping = $167.

If you watch these sites, you can usually find stuff for about 15% less than retail.


Sorry to bump a older post but this is almost exactly what Im planning on doing this week. And I was wondering if anyone has heard any word on whether the PS2 price drop rumors are true. I’d would hate to pick one up and have them drop the price by 50 bucks a week or two later, especially since I dont have much money to toss around right now.

No price drops. That was a stupid rumor because it was simply impossible that close to Christmas. Figure sometime next year, likely at E3.


For us industry newbie types, when does E3 occur?

Mid to late May.

And thanks Dave, I figured as much but I wanted to do a last minute check.