Best Place to Order Games Online?

Now that Gamestop has merged with EB and is consequently charging sales tax in both PA and CA (agh, there’s no escape!), I’ve quickly lost my appreciation for their services. Maybe I’m spoiled, but I liked taking advantage of their coupon deals for free shipping to never pay more than $49.99 or $29.99 or whatever for every single game I bought. I foresaw this merger affecting taxes, so I preordered 10 games last year, but now the wily site has just added tax charges without my consent!

Is there any other site that will send you games quickly and reliably for a cheap price? Am I doomed to scour on Ebay? Experiments with Best Buy and Overstock resulted in weeks of delays, which are just unacceptable. I’m a college student with no car, and I like not having to take transportation just to go buy a videogame. Is GoGamer good at stocking ALL new games? I see that I can’t preorder the things I want, so that kind of peeves me. Thanks in advance.


GoGamer. (no question mark)

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences and great prices with their service.

I go with Amazon, for the convenience of their interface and payment stuff. I have on occasion had games get “wedged” in their system where they were released but mysteriously not shipped to me, but that has been pretty rare.

GoGamer is great for stuff that is already out or imports. Unfortunately they suck for preorders in my experience…

I have had only one problem with gogamer, when they shipped me two WoW gaming cards instead of two copies of the actual game. They fixed the problem very quickly. However, their selection of PC games is not perfect, and it is still FAR better than their selection of console games.

But if you want imports, gogamer is the place.

Another vote for gogamer. Amazon’s fine too, so just see where you can get a better deal.

NWS Online Gaming Store is a great place for strategy, war, and some other games. I, along with many others that frequent have ordered from them and the prices are good, service is quick, there’s a nice selection of used games, and they are working on getting a digital download service going.

Amazon and are my favourite.
Play has usually lower prices but Amazon has (sometimes) some more rare games.

GoGamer is good for their 48hr deals and they carry imports, but not so much otherwise. They overprice a lot of their stuff, many by $20 over EB/etc. That’s their business model, so you need to be a bit careful.

Do you have any examples to back this up?

I’m asking because in my experience gogamer is the same or lower than either EB or Gamestop on PC games.

After a cursory glance, it looks like they might have toned it down some, but still seeing some examples (mostly console though);

Prince of Persia: SoT (Xbox) $46.90 at GoGamer / $19.99 at Amazon
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (Xbox) $46.90 at GoGamer / $19.99 at EB/Amazon
Burnout 3 (PS2) - $46.90 at GoGamer / $19.99 EB/GameStop/Amazon
Deus Ex 2 (PC) - $14.90 at GoGamer / $4.99 at EB/GameStop

My tendency is to segment my purchases based on the game:

  • ‘Mass Market’ stuff like F.E.A.R. I will just amble to (one of) my local EBGames.
  • ‘Less Popular’ stuff like ‘Restricted Area’ (I know, I know …) I’d pre-order through either EB or Amazon
  • Imports (Space Rangers 2) and ‘48hr madness’ … and Mac Games almost always through GoGamer
  • Occasional Mac games through Amazon

… so in terms of ‘online’ purchases, it would be GoGamer first followed by Amazon.


I like GoGamer too but I remember that when the Hot Coffee stuff happened, they started selling the PC version of GTA: SA for $60.

If you play PC games Go Gamer is the best hands down.

If you play console your best bets are Amazon, Ebay and if you don’t mind used copies I’d put a good word in for the store at gamefly. They usually have new releases for sale about a month after release and sometime have harder to find in stores console games as well.

Gogamer is nice for rare stuff but I’ll second the preorder disappointment.

I’ve ordered three or four preorders with I-want-it-at-my-doorstep shipping option. Since I don’t pay a horrible sales tax I usually only end up with a $10 premium or so. However, they are pretty slow. Civ4 did not arrive until a week after preorder. It also didn’t have the four-cardboard holder or whatever other bonus the preorder was supposed to give you. The Movies was also slow.

By contrast, Black and White with EBGames arrived on my doorstep on release day. Either they have more sophisticated logistical system, or their market share allows them extra clout in securing supplies early. Either way, it seems if I’m impatient EBGames will have the stuff on my door ASAP.

P.S. Don’t rag on me for ordering those Molynaux games. I already feel like a sucker.

GoGamer for PC games, but not so much for console stuff, and their catalog of slightly older games isn’t that good. Froogle is your friend.

For new, hit console games, I’ve often had success from and

For used games, ebay is the cheapest if you have any patience. (And if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be buying used.)

I’ve had really disappointing results with Overstock. Two games I preordered, even a month in advance, still took over a month after the game’s launch date to arrive. The third I preordered took a couple weeks. You haven’t had this problem at all?

Nope, not at all.