Best places to buy used DVD's?

And by best, I mean “cheap.” Any favorites?


They often have buy 2 get 1 free type deals. Lots of crappier stuff at $5, ok stuff at $10

Hollywood video ftw.

7-10 bucks for used new releases. I buy a lot of movies from them esp ones that just came out a few months ago.

Thanks guys. EB/GS for buy 2 get 1 free box sets and I’ll check out Hollywood V.

It’s not really “buying” used DVDs, but there’s a service I just read about called Peerflix that basically lets you trade old DVDs in your library for new ones (well, new to you).

I find this interesting, because I have an idea for a business that isn’t quite the same, but is vaguely similar. Hmm. This gives me a new topic for a thread in Everything Else!

If you’re in the bay area Rasputin kicks ass.

Most flicks are between $5 and $10. It’s actually kind of scary and ridiculous.

I would highly recommend:

“click on the ‘used’ link”

They have a huge selection of used titles for great prices. Their prices for new stuff is pretty unbeatable too. Fast service and they have a point system that accumlates with each order and can be used for discounts.