Best portable audio solution for me?

Christmas present for myself! I’d like the best combination of the following:

  • ~10 gigs of mp3 playing storage for stuff I’ve accumalated over the years from all over the place.

-fm radio tuner

-ease of use

-none of that silly color video playing nonsense unless it’s free

-possibly access to satellite radio? Do any do this?

-not an ipod… Itunes is crap and my gf’s ipod made my XP box boot up black and required Bios fiddling. Fuck Ipods.

What do you guys suggest?

A 3 year old 10GB monochrome iPod, Anapod, a crappy FM transistor radio, and some silly putty for the ports on your XP machine.

A 3 year old 10GB monochrome iPod, Anapod, a transistor radio, and some silly putty to jam into your PC’s USB ports.



If you can deal with 4gb instead of 10gb, the iRiver Clix is friggin’ awesome:

4gb model just came out, and I got mine, yo:

How about an iPod without iTunes? We get about three threads a week mentioning this and people still think it’s required. You don’t need iTunes, my friend.

I totally would love an iPod satellite radio add-on, BTW.

Me too, and Sirius, please (football!). I don’t give a damn about FM being more available than it already is to me, but satellite would be very nice. I almost just went out and bought a portable Sirius player due to how shitty the Mac RealPlayer was about authenticating for the streaming NFL game broadcasts (which cost almost as much as a Sirius subscription would to begin with, though you have to factor in the cost of a player since their online offering is not comprehensive).

XM’s Inno is satellite + 1GB MP3 player (Sirius has a “plus MP3 player” model too).

I don’t think there’s anything that does what you want. I was looking a while back, too, and didn’t find it.

hm, a satellite radio plus some storage for my favorites might be the way to go for me. 8 hours of working in front of a computer make file repetition an annoying thing after even a few days on a large library and I’m hardly the one to spend hours looking up new music. (that’s why I find it unbeleivable ipods haven’t slapped an fm radio in their models yet… I mean, I understand they want to sell songs but doesn’t anybody ever want to hear the news or flip around something outside of their exact tastes from time to time?)

4gb Creative Zen V+ = video, mp3s (back and forth), microphone, radio, decent interface. Also you can do line-in recording so you’re DRM proofed, to an extent.

If you wanted more space and the possibility of video, I’d say you should get a Toshiba Gigabeat Series S. If you look at CNET’s review, you’ll see why.

But failing that, go for the Creative stuff. is a fine site that will tell you about all the great, mediocre, and shitty digital audio players that you never hear about otherwise, including many good ones like the Monolith II that never actually get marketed in the US but can be ordered from the UK (or elsewhere) or like this Kenwood Media Keg, which is 10 GB as requested.

For you I would recommend a Mariachi Band!

Oh hey, same here, on both my Dell laptop and self-built desktop. Glad I’m not alone.

I was thinking about the teeny iPod shuffle as a xmas present for some family. Anyone try those?

My dad has the first generation ipod shuffle and he loves it. He takes it with him on his bike rides all the time.

The Cowon iAudio series might be the answer for you. I know at least some of them have an FM tuner. Their size and storage are comparable to the iPod, and no iTunes. CNET reviews on all of them:

I don’t have one myself, though, so I can’t recommend it to heavily. I have an 80GB iPod. I won’t have to worry about iTunes for long, because I’ll be putting Linux on my iPod over winter break. There’s no installer, so I need to wait untilI have time.

Great review. Both the writeup, and video review by James Kim. :(

reading up on it, seems like there’s an 8gb model coming down the pipes soon, too… hmmmm.