Best PSOne Game In The Playstation Store?

I friend gave to me his spare PS3, so I’m happily enjoying the last, the last last gen, and the last last last gen like it was 2006 all over again. The most fun I’m having is playing my old PSOne disc based games (not PS2 because it’s a non-PS2 compatible unit, but who cares, it was free!).

So here is the question. If you could buy one PSOne game to download and play in PlayStation Store, what would it be?

I’m pretty partial to Legend of Mana. Kind of like an earlier version of ‘kitchen sink’-style j-arpgs like the Dark Cloud series, with gorgeous, 2D hand pained art.

Final Fantasy Tactics?

I never played Tomba or Jumping Flash back in the day.

Maybe Suikoden or Dark Forces for the retro value.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night? Or perhaps Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, though the graphics might stab your eyes out.

The original metal gear solid holds up. I replay it every year.

Castlevania symphony of the night would be my second choice.

Vagrant Story.


What about FFIX ?

I loved this game. Beautiful art, and I thought the music and just the atmosphere was great. I wouldn’t say that the plot is a drawing point, even though I connected with quite a few of the characters. I’d recommend it, but there are a number of people that don’t care for it.

One of my favorite games of all time. This game actually has a pretty good plot, although the PS1 version makes a mockery of the English language. If you like tactical RPGs, you can’t miss this one.

I liked this one more than FFVII and VIII. May be a bit cutesy for some people though. I think it’s a solid choice.

Symphony of the Night. The only serious competition is FF Tactics, but SotN is in my opinion the best platformer ever made.

The problem with Final Fantasy Tactics is that the PS1 version was made significantly easier for the North American release. And then there’s the horrid translation it received, though some people seem to harbour a perverse affection for it. The War of the Lions remake restores the original difficulty, adds new features, and has a vastly superior translation. In its original PSP incarnation, the remake suffers from sluggish combat animations, but these are largely fixed in the latest iteration of the iOS version. So, yes, FFT is definitely worth playing, but the PSOne edition is not the one to get… in my opinion.

Front Mission 3 is awesome.

Yes! Although if you have a PSP/Vita, it’s better to get it alongside Rondo of Blood in the Dracula X Chronicles…

Seconding this. Still one of my favorite tactical turn-based games.

Can you play the games you buy in the Playstation Store on a Vita AND PS3?

Yes, though I find the Vita’s face buttons to be a little small for comfortable PS1 play.

PSP, PS3, and sometimes Vita. Vita compatibility for PSX titles on the US PS Store is inconsistent, not because of any technical difficulties, but because publishers are terrible.