Best QT3 Thread of 2013 Award?


I missed the Oblivion and Skyrim spam-alike threads of yesteryear.

Wait, no I don’t.


The animated gif thread and image thread in Everything Else never fail to make my day a little better. So just for the simple goofy pleasure of it all, I’d have to pick either of those.



For sure! They’re guaranteed visits from me every day, and I love them. The bargain thread (reasons obvious) and the Hobbit film thread (which gives me almost endless chances to get my Tolkien geek on) are other favorites. Heck, just a few days ago I made a post about the heredity of elven hair color. Can you get geekier than that? If so, I’ll probably manage it soon enough.


Was elemental materials this year or last year?


I was most excited to see threads pop up about games I really liked: One Finger Death Punch to the FACE, and my shooter and brawler threads. I generally like the serene pace of QT3 these days, but for some threads I crave more replies!


Clearly the bargain thread is the best of all time, OF ALL TIME. There is no debate! =) I do wish more folks had participated in Secret Santa tho…

My suggestons for most under rated threads:

And if I can pimp my own creation:


Another vote for the Bargain Thread. It’s pretty fucking amazing.


I visit daily for the Bargain Thread. Bargins all day long.


The bargain thread can also be called the spend more money than I need to thread! :D


That is its beauty and its curse.


The thread that makes me excited when I see new posts to it is the Recommend me a board game? thread. It probably has to do with the fact that it’s not constantly being updated, like the Bargain thread, but gets posted to at a tantalizingly inconsistent pace.


I read the bargain thread way more than is good for my wallet, but as far as favorites go, I’d probably go with the interesting pictures thread. Always pretty impressive stuff in there.


I think the annual Secret Santa threads are the best, they always give me the warm and fuzzies.


This doesn’t count, but a shout-out to those who frequent the Hardware and Technical subforum. Anytime I have a hardware/software non-gaming question, the regulars there usually have the answer, and within minutes. Often product suggestions too. And posting my questions there saves me from having to venture out into the wilds of the internet to find the answers.


The Hardware subforum is the only place I visit regularly besides the Games forum, and it is excellent, I agree. If anything I wish more people posted in it. We need more posts in the Hardware subforum! :)


I only found out about it this year, and it sounded like a good idea until Fire scared me away when she suggested that I tell my wife I’d be taking part in it. Aaaaaaahhh! I never looked back at that thread after that.

I’ve only just managed to get my wife used to the idea that I can occasionally play games sometimes (after 3 years of marriage), and it doesn’t affect the rest of our lives since I don’t do it in front of her or to the determent to anything else in our lives. The concept that I tell her I post on a message board where people talk about games is … a really advanced concept that it will take me years to work towards. Maybe in 20 years?


Get present shipped to work, say you won it in a contest.

My GF was able to handle the idea of a Qt3 Secret Santa way better than she did when I used to do the reddit ones. I imagine she’d be even less-equipped to handle the notion of something like a 4chan SS. To be fair, I don’t think I’d feel comfy with that ;)


Just tell her that it’s full of well-adjusted people, like us.


The best thread this year was the one started because of the re-release of The Shiva. Not so much for the content, but for the title. That’s how you make a thread title, people!

Also, the giveaway thread is great, for giving a lot of good people the opportunity to play a lot of good games they might not have ended up playing. Technically not a thread from this year I guess, but one that has been updated throughout the year.


The Bargain Thread has been the most useful thread on this forum for me. I check it several times a day and it has saved me a lot of money.