Best quest ever


I think I’d pick the Pkunk-Yehat-Shofixti quest in Star Control 2 (and I’m casting a wide net, to include the Admiral ZEX stuff, etc.). Some of the moments in that quest are just so much fun. And although I loved it the first half-dozen times I played it, without voice overs, it’s extra beautiful with the Yehat’s Scottish brogue.

Could I pick a bunch of other quests in Star Control 2? Yeah, like, six of 'em.


The music in the game was fucking awesome. I have it on mp3 somewhere.


The “Oh, Wretched Man” mission arc from Seer Marino in City of Heroes. Sadly no longer with us, but the wikia page still has an overview.

I must have done that arc a dozen times, easily. It’s a story of revenge and treachery, built around two of the major villains in the City of Heroes universe, Ghost Widow and Wretch. They’re pretty much pure evil everywhere else, but here in this arc we see the human weakness that led to where they ended up. Some of the best writing I’ve come across in an MMO - I’ll admit that’s a low bar, but they did this one right.


That’s a whooooole other thread that Star Control 2 can totally frickin’ own.


Heck yeah.


The best quests are the ones you take up yourself purely because of what you’ve learned about that world…


I think I’m with @Granath here, for all the reasons mentioned. The Mordin mission in ME2 was masterful, get up and walk away from the computer for 20 minutes to think it over. And it works so we’ll because it is the result of pained decisions made by individuals that you can see clearly grappled with the difficulty. Mordin is not solely convinced of the righteousness of his actions, and his doubt builds upon the world and his character. It is a decision where you can see the weight on the world, how it informs many other decisions in plausible ways.

It’s so good because it takes the background of the universe and plays it out in front of you, and ask you to judge ‘did we do the right thing’. It isn’t something tangential to the world, but integral. It is Bioware at its best.

It was clearly also not written by the same person who did the reaper baby.


The genophage quest (and one with the geth I think) are good becase you can’t quite grind out the right answer with Paragon points. You actually had to take what you knew about the universe and make your own decision as a player. Of course we’re praising it for what should be the norm, but it was much better relative to the quests you could powergame through.

I have a bad memory so I can’t think of any great quests. I’ll just go with the frying pan in The Witcher 3.



My memory is too bad to think of a quest from a game I played many games ago, but I also loved the genophage quest. My gut tells me there was probably one that involved Morrigan, but damned if I can remember a specific one.


It wasn’t honestly much of a quest, but I loved blowing up the outhouse in a minor Fallout 2 side quest and covering the whole evil, corrupt town in shit.


Speaking of Fallout 2, I loved it when I was trying to get away from this frisky farm girl whose house I was staying in, and she kept getting more and more turned on until she started tearing my clothes off, and the father came in and caught us in the act. So the next morning I was forced to marry her at gunpoint. And throughout the rest of the game, my wife was going everywhere with me.

Hmmm, come to think of it, that might not count as a side quest. More like a side incident instead.


Raise 20 000 gold quest in Baldur’s Gate 2 :)


Obviously, the “collect ten goretusk livers” quest in World of Warcraft.


The monk epic quest in Everquest, back when you needed 50 people for the final fight. I think it took me…4 months to actually do it? The ring war in Everquest is also up there, talk about epic.


The “cat hair mustache” problem in Gabriel Knight 3, if only for the amount of hate and blame it gets for killing adventure games.


If you want to go there, go all the way. Shizz Work from Burning Crusade.


I don’t get it. Which post turned this thread sarcastic? Who is the culprit?


I think it’s Telefrog and his cat hair mustache.


To be completely serious about quests in WoW.

The number 1 quest I can remember was the Hunter epic bow quest. Rhok’delar

Involved getting materials from a 40 man raid, Molten Core and then solo defeating 4 demons across Azeroth. After gathering the materials, you need to kill Onyxia (40 man raid boss) for the sinew to make the bowstring.

Quite the epic quest, class specific, and the reward was OP as hell when I first got it. Not to mention is is super unique to this day, and impossible to get. Super cool.