Best RTS of the past couple years or so Poll

So another Poll for RTS games! (Should do a shooter one too!)

Why not?!?

Starts with Empire Earth released late 2001 …

personally I pick Warlords Battlecry 2 because it has the best skirmish gameplay (RPGish)… and for some reason I dont want to play RTS online much these days…


I picked WC3 because of the story. I haven’t played since I finished it, but it had the best single player I’ve ever seen in an RTS.

[i]My favorite is not there!!!

I think ______ should get its own and not be thrown in with “Other”.

Your poll sucks my sugar-coated asshole![/i]

Too early for me to make the RoN call. Actually, I voted for WBCII as it completes me, but you did leave off Kohan which will elicit one of the above 3 responses if you do not begin efforting to remedy the situation immediately.

On a side note, I love using big words just for the sake of using bid words, but for Chris’ sake can we stop using “ad hominem” when two folks get into a rousing debate on the merits of Latin gaming. While the phrase is appropriate in most cases, it’s overuse has rendered it considerably less effective.


The fact that Kohan invariably gets left out as a choice in these “best RTS” polls just shows what a goddamned crime it is that it didn’t sell well and get any sort of decent exposure.

Kohan came out more than two years ago didn’t it? I know its a great rts… but its not too recent… otherwise I would have put up Warlords Battlecry 1 and Tiberium Sun and all that jazz…

But yeah, its not like this is a formal poll!!! Just curious how people compare RoNny boy to other ‘recent’ rts games…


Bah…you leave out both Kohan and Total Annihilation…two games that a lot of people would certainly vote for. Two years is too short a time period for a poll like this when the genre hasn’t exactly evolved by leaps and bounds since TA was released.


Good point, but as with all wacky polls someone is going to come up with a modifier that makes their game fall in the parameters which you implied. Mine was the facts that you said the “last couple of years” and that many people still play it.

RoN still needs a longevity test for me to decide, but it is pretty friggin’ colse the top right now.

Kohan: Ahriman’s Gift. Easily.

I’d go with Kohan, also.

See…people cannot just vote with your suggestions mtkafka. :) Just change “Other” to “Kohan” since that is where the votes tallied so far in that selection are from.

Resistance is futile.

Another vote for Kohan.

Where the hell is Kohan, you proles?

A vote for Warrior Kings.

I know it was flawed (though the patch addressed most of the major problems), but I found it compelling and different, and I played it through to the end.

Does anyone know when Warrior Kings: Battles will come out in the US?


I voted for “Other” since No One Lives Forever wasn’t listed. :P

I’m glad to see WBC II doing well in the voting. Definately an excellent and underrated RTS.

Another obligatory whine for Kohan :0.

Actually I would need three votes to do justice: 1)StarCraft, 2)Kohan, 3)Rise of Nations, would be my picks not just for recent RTS but best RTS of all time.


PS I am really looking forward to Kohan KoW - the E3 info has me salivating :0.


Kohan: Ahriman’s Gift

Wow, Kohan is really that hot? I got sent a preview copy a couple months before release, but the code wouldn’t run on any of the 3 PC’s in my apartment, so I sent it back and never thought much of it.

I would also say Kohan,because it doesn’t really feel like a RTS game.The peon management is thankfully pretty much nonexistant,and it feels a lot more like a tactical military game.Its main problem is a lack of personality(I also felt TA lacked personality…so sue me).I’ve been thinking about reinstalling it,since it’s been a while since I last played.