Best shared online calendar?

We have a simple need: my completely disorganized 15 year old daughter had a bad year in school last year, and one of the issues was keeping track of homework and other assignments. We would like to have an online calander in which she can enter her assignments, due dates, exam dates, etc. and which her mom and I can also look at.

What is a simple online calander, free, that could fit this bill?

Thanks - Jeff

Would the google offering work?

you might try the calendar offering that’s built into Windows Live Mail (aka the new Hotmail). Should be easy enough to get into the beta - if you have any trouble and want to try it out drop me a PM and I can set you up.

Well, Google and MSN Live have already been mentioned, so I might as well throw in My Yahoo, which also has a shareable calendar thingamabob. Seems like a feature of all the big webmail guys.

edit: about the Windows Live Mail beta… use Internet Explorer. When I signed up for it, the beta link was only visible if you were using IE. And once you’re signed up they only expose the full functionality of the site if you use IE, same as with Sharepoint or Outlook Web access. Once you go Microsoft, you enter an IE-only world. Blech.