Best Show On Television Throwdown

Ok, I’ve seen three shows called the Best Show On Television today.

Let’s settle this.

I’m going with Galactica.

Tough call for me, between BG, AD and the Daily Show. I picked Daily show, just because they air it, umm, daily.

Well hell, Gilmore Girls is the only show I even occasionally watch nowadays (apart from Simpsons reruns) so I suppose that is my vote, little though it be worth.

I thought about not putting AD on the list, seeing how it’s canceled and everything.

Good thing I didn’t do that.

I like AD, and obviously I’m a huge Lost fan. But I can’t go to sleep without getting my nightly dose of the Daily Show.

I don’t necessarily know if it’s the best but, the Daily Show is the only show I watch out of all of those. And even then it’s random at best. Not much of a tv person. So DS gets my vote by default.


I’ll have to say FCZ :)

The Sopranos.

What, no Prison Break?

I vote Family Guy.

Every election needs its Libertarian Party.

Without Tom Goes to the Mayor, this poll is broken.

Good lord, I hope you’re being sarcastic.

Galactica, the Shield, and Nip Tuck in no particular order

South Park.

Veronica Mars.


I gave it to Lost. It’s really the best example of a pure “television show” I’ve ever seen, in the platonic sense of the word.

I find myself liking How I Met Your Mom, actually. It surprises me that I like it, but it’s pretty well written…well the two or three episodes I have seen are. I don’t know that it is the best…actually, right now I don’t have a definitive preference for one show that would allow me to answer the question.