Best Sight Gag I've Seen In A While

… the opening scene to the third episode of The League Of Gentlemen. You know, the bit with the turtle.

What an odd little show that is. Like all sketch comedy, it’s hit-or-miss, but it definitely hits more often than it misses. It’s also the only British comedy show I’ve ever seen that would appear to be more influenced by The Kids In The Hall than Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

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The second season is decidedly more dark…kind of too dark IMO. The first season has that edge to it, but is overall much funnier I think. However, the first episode of the second season is pretty funny…but VERY disturbing…Dave.

You think the second series is dark? Woah nelly; wait to you get your optical receptors on series three.

Really? I guess it makes sense that they would keep going that way. I’ll probably check it out anyway because even the second series has its moments. But yeah, I thought it was pretty dark.