Best single scene ever from South Park

Butters is thought dead by his parents, and his dad buries the fake body of Butters in an Indian burial ground one night. Butters comes back and his parents think he’s an evil demonspawn, a hideous creation. They lock him in the basement and knock a curtain saleswoman over the head with a shovel, and push the bloody corpse towards Butters, imploring him to eat.

The camera switches to a picture of Butters collared around the neck and held in place by four chains, looking at the feast before him, and then cries plaintively “Can I just have some spaghetti-os?”

Three little lion cubs learning the magic of abortion to the tunes of a christmas carol.

I loved the elaborate scheme, as explained by Cartman in his method of revenge upon Scott Tenerman.

Isaac Hayes quitting the show because they dared to make fun of Scientology…

Stan trying to sleep with Spooky Fish on the dresser.

“It’s not getting closer it’s not getting closer it’s not getting… AAAAAHHHH!”

Cartman explaining how to eat to Starvin Marvin

The culmination of the Chili Con Carnival is the best scene ever. All that and being mocked by the cameo appearance. Whoo golly.

The summer camp pagan god that looks like the MCP cone from Tron.

“Bring me more offerings! More macaroni pictures! More wallets! OOOOOOOOO!”

Wasn’t that supposed to be Moses?

Yep. It was Moses.

Yeah, whoever.

“You just got F’d in the A.”

The final shot of Willzyx on the moon, dead. Whale on the moon = priceless.

Cartman’s Day After Tomorrow warning about hippy drum circles.

Cartman sneaking onto the stage naked at the end of the ninja episode.

That and Butters getting nailed in the eye with the star, that moment of pause before the animation switched back and he started screaming?


The end of the Awesomeo episode, with Cartman dressed up as Britney Spears dancing around a cardboard cutout of Justin Timberlake.

I found the end to Awesome-O pretty anticlimactic actually. Partially because Cartmans backyard antics had already been filmed in an earlier episode, and partially because it wasn’t anywhere near as funny as watching Butters and Cartman together. Butters dropping his pants, now that was gold.