Best Spam Evar

I got this in my Hotmail account. It’s the usual sex site spam, but the text was pretty amusing:

Greetings Chase!
Unhappily I have no time now to discuss with you. I have a painful work and I
also have a lot of other problems.
I have no time even to rest!
But I have a Incredible news too. I finished my site, so you can Visit it and
look at my last photos!
Visit this homepage:



I can really sympathize–I have a painful work,too.

What no link? I understand those last photos are a incredible.

Nono, the news was incredible, the photos are her last photos ever, like a snuff film. ‘These are the last known photos…’

Yeah, that’s probably the whole “a lot of other problems” part. Death being a problem for most people, of course.


Well, if you do all that painful work, what do you expect?