Best Star Trek Series

Watching the Wrath of Khan and then remembering that BSG’s Ronald D Moore’s main Star Trek series was DS9, and that I liked that better, I wanted the consensus.

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I liked DS9 because it was more gray than black or white, had better characters, and used the reset button a lot less than any of the other series.

Someone voted for fucking VOYAGER? HAVE YOU NO SOUL?!

I liked Voyager waaaaay more than I liked TNG. TNG hasn’t aged well at all. I was humming the TOS theme today for some reason, so I guess I really like that as well. I only watched a handful of episodes of Enterprise and didn’t like it. DS9 was great.

Before I vote, are we voting for which show we like best or which uniforms?

IT WAS ME!!! And no, I don’t have no soul.

The show. I had to have something else amusing though. Polls without humor = suck.

I like TNG because it WAS black and white (mostly), which is what I want from ST. I do like DS9 though, especially that latter half or so.

At the time, TOS was a very daring and forward thinking show with plenty of gray. And it didn’t judge.

Star Trek TNG finally found its mojo after a few seasons, but I prefer TOS because its best writing (Amok Time, Mirror Mirror, Doomsday Machine, Trouble with Tribbles) was not equalled in any later series’ episodes that I saw, and because the “trinity” casting coup (Shatner/Nimoy/Kelley) provided a perfect chemistry. Only two regular actors in TNG (Stewart and Spiner) were of equal or better caliber but they didn’t actually interact with each other that much. Also, TOS has not only the best musical score of any Star Trek show, but the best musical score of any TV show, period, that I have seen. On the down side, TOS’s lows (Spock’s Brain, Catspaw, Lights of Zetar, Omega Glory) were probably lower than any other Trek series – although TNG had some real stinkers. (Remember the little “videogame” that takes over everyone’s brain on the Enterprise, and only Wesley can save the day?)

There were a few episodes of Voyager I really liked (the “Tuvix” episode is one of my favorites), but a lot of the supporting characters (Kim and Paris for instance) were dull, Neelix was annoying, and Chakotay was underused. I didn’t see enough DS9 or Enterprise to make an informed judgment on them, though DS9 seems to have been the more promising show of those two.

TNG was preachy and sterile. Ugh. Voyager was a bit preachy but nowhere near as bad as TNG. Plus, it had good stories, enjoyable characters and Jeri Ryan. It also had Neelix but hey, nothing’s perfect.

(Remember the little “videogame” that takes over everyone’s brain on the Enterprise, and only Wesley can save the day?)

That episode was AWESOME. It had a smoking hot young Ashley Judd and the heroes saved the day by pretending they were addicts.


TOS shouldn’t be on this poll. Even if every subsequent Trek surpassed it in every way, they would still all owe their existence to TOS.

So I’m going to pretend TOS was rightly exempted from judgement, and vote DS9.

DS9 had some painfully boring episodes. Enterprise had the most action of any ST show, but also some of the worst episodes (and the most grievous abuse of time travel) ever thought up. I still stand by my assertion though that the Vulcan zombie ship episode is one of my favorite ST episodes ever.

Overall though, I enjoyed TNG the most. After the 3rd season or so, it gets really good. TNG is also the only series to really do the Borg right. Voyager abused their usage of the Borg.

I liked DS9 the most, followed by Voyager. There are some episodes of TNG which I liked more than any episodes of any other series, but as others have pointed out the show really isn’t aging well. Too many silly situations with silly solution, too much annoying technobabble saving the day. DS9 had less technobabble, more difficult situations and more believable characters. Sisko was a very well drawn character, who undergoes a series of transformations throughout the entire series. He manages to BE the series without always taking the spotlight. The interplay of Sisko, Kira, Dax and Worf always lead to good times and fascinating situations. Too bad about the Trills though. Had Roddenberry invented them earlier in the form they took on DS9, there could have been a Trill onboard every single Enterprise or something.

Sentimental answer: TOS

Objective answer: TNG

Coulda been a contender: DS9 if it hadn’t gone into quality freefall during its entire last season

Yeah, the characters on DS9 are the highlight. They really come into their own as the series progresses.

I don’t understand how anyone could say TNG was MORE preachy than TOS though. I mean TOS “corrected” every culture they encountered.

I like TNG.

But it turned into Star Trek:The Discussion Generation.

TOS was damn the torpedoes full speed ahead!!

TNG was more “Hold on a minute, can’t we just talk about this? Can’t we all just be friends?” “No?” “Well then, everyone to the ready room to talk about our feelings.”

They added Worf. The only crew member with bawls!

Then they neutered him.

But my favorite line from all the series is from Worf.

“I am NOT a MERRY MAN!” it was the best.

Each of those cultures that were corrected represented/mirrored a part of our own culture. By correcting those cultures, the stories were giving an idea, a hope that our own culture can be corrected.

I used to love TNG, but it has really aged badly. Its so fucking cheeseball and hippie-dippy when I see it now. DS9 is still great, I just love sci-fi series with a continuing story. Voyager wasn’t that bad, I enjoyed it at the time. The holo doctor was the best character. I never really watched TOS the first time round, so it doesn’t have the rose-tinted patina for me. Kirk annoys the hell out of me too, I can’t stand his macho-man persona.