Best sub-$100 video card

What’s the best new video card I can get for under $100?

Two major choices: Radeon 9200 or Geforce FX 5200. Performance is about even: slooooooooow!

Do you mean new like just buying it new or do you mean new as in getting the latest DX 9 technology?

I think I’ve seen Geforce 4200’s around for less than 100$ and they perform better than the 5200’s but don’t have DX9. Otherwise, it seems like the two choices already mentioned are you’re only two choices.

And if those two boards are slow with current games, future, more demanding ones aren’t exactly going to be playable. I’d really suggest a GF4 4200 over either of those two.

Hey, I’m probably going to be upgrading my card in the coming week, and if you want a slightly-used but otherwise perfectly-operating 128MB Visiontek GeForce4 Ti 4400 for $100, I’d be willing to entertain the possibility :)

Alright, so my choice is new (as in in-box) cheap DX9 cards or used DX8 cards.

This is to replace a Voodoo 5 5500. I’m leaning towards a Ti4200. I wish I hadn’t fried mine, else it would be a simple giveaway.

If you could scrap together another $50 USD, that would put you in a whole new league (9600 Pro), performance-wise. Especially if you like your anti-aliasing (which I assume might be the case if you’ve used a V5 for this long).

I have a 9600 Pro.

This is a possible upgrade for someone else.

Maybe I should just get a newer motherboard like an NForce2 and use the onboard video for a bit. Its better than a Voodoo5 and then it can upgraded later.

I’ll raise Woolen’s 4400 offer to a PNY 128MB Ti4600 for $99. :-)