Best thing to have on French Fries

It depends greatly on what type of French Fry it is, but I vacillate between malt vinegar and mayonnaise. How about you?

Chili cheese. :)

People who put mayonnaise on sandwiches are suspect. People who put it on french fries should be exiled to some faraway island.

Crappy melted jalapeño burger cheese from a vat and pickles. Obviously.*

.* This advice only applies to your local wedge cut fries available at Fuddruckers.

Or Canada. ;)

Conan what is best on French Fries? The blood of your tomatoes, aka ketchup!

That’d be Belgium then.

In Canada they put gravy and cheese curds on them, and poutine is awesome.

As moss_icon suggests, mayo on fries is a European thing, though I have little doubt that there are misguided souls everywhere in pockets of sub-humanity who also do so, including in Canada.

Definitely salt!

I like some french fries with my cheese and meat.

Though truly I’ll take tater tots over fries any fucking day of the week.

You know what’s like a giant tater tot? McDonald’s hash browns. Way good.

I knew I liked you.

Something I wrote a while ago on another forum.

Hi. My name is Rich. And I love McDonald’s Hash Browns. I’m so sorry… I know it’s wrong… But if they are done right, they are sublime. If I didn’t care at all about my health, (and I do oh yeah I really do) I’d do what the author says he does. I’d go in and get a huge bag of fresh, hot, overly salted Hash Browns. I’d eat them right there at the counter. And I wouldn’t ask the bastards behind the counter for ketchup. Oh, fuck no. I wouldn’t beg them for those little packets of ketchup that they dole out like iodine pills after World War 3. I’d come in with my own half liter jug of Heinz baby! And it would be a NEW jug. And I’d hold up the line as I opened the annoying little seal on the bottle. At the same speed that a grandmother counts change from her tiny purse.

Then I’d spread the Glorious Hash Browns, still steaming from the robot fryer, on the filthy counter. And I’d squirt half of the bottle of ketchup all over them.

And I’d EAT THEM. I’d revel in the look of fear and loathing of the people around me. I’d be eating them and I’d scream, “These are fucking awesome!” And flecks of potato and ribbons of ketchup would fly from my lips.

The young manager of the store would be holding a phone. Probably very close to dialing 911. But the majesty of my gluttony would have shocked them into speechlessness.

And then I would throw a wad of crumpled bills on the counter. Some wadded up. Perhaps some would roll off of the counter? Some would stick in the ketchup.

I would say, wiping my hands and face fastidiously, with wads of napkins ripped from the annoyingly overfilled dispensers.

“Thanks. I’m lovin’ it.”

Thank you for partially validating my Big Breakfast habit.


I’m with you man. I love McD’s hash browns.

I’m Belgian. Pretty much any of the 20-30 sauces on offer in pretty much all good friteries.

Mayonnaise remains a classic, but we have so many tasty and/or spicy sauces to choose from that you have to give more than one a chance. Delicious.

Fries and sauce are a balanced meal in Belgium. :)

Fries and sauce come with a tiny fork?

Yeah. You don’t want to get your hands dirty fishing them out, do you?

We are civilised people who love fried potatoes.

Fries from a Friterie, or Chips from a Chip Shop, should always come with a tiny wooden/plastic fork.

What else are you going to eat them with?

I like ketchup, I like gravy and curds, I like vinegar, I’m pretty sure I would like mayo.