Best thing you'll see all week: Blow the Man Down

Title Best thing you'll see all week: Blow the Man Down
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie reviews
When March 24, 2020

You don't see enough Greek choruses anymore. At some point during the last millennia and a half, the Greek chorus fell out of favor..

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This has been pushed incessantly on Twitch the last week or so. I’ll probably have to wait until my annoyance has died down to be able to properly enjoy the movie.

Do you mean Twitter? Or Twitch? How does Twitch push movies? I am sooo out of touch with social media.


I mean short little interstitial ads on Twitch that pop up whenever I start watching a streamer. For some reason it’s been the same one, for this movie, every time for maybe the last week. I would have said I too am seriously out of touch with social media but I do watch a fair amount of Twitch, does that count? I guess it must be, now that I think about it.

Ah, you mean paid ads! That makes sense. I imagine indie movies like this spend a fair portion of their advertising on social media.


The blurb had me at “a salty fishing village on the far reaches of Maine’s rocky coast.”

Ayuh, I will watch this.

Dunkirk makes great use of a Greek chorus with James D’Arcy and Kenneth Brahagh sitting on the mole in between the action.

“some jagged direction and especially editing [get] in the way”

We watched this last night and loved it. I agree will all that Tom said.

It’s not really on the “far reaches” of Maine’s coast it was filmed in and around Harpswell which haint even upta Bah Hahbah.

We know this area so well, it is a great place to boat as it is chockablock with islands and peninsulas making currents and winds tricky. I officiated at my sister’s wedding on the tip of Bailey Island. You all need to come visit once the Covid coast is clear.

My quibble is that I wish someone had coached the actors in the appropriate accent for that part of the coast. Some sounded like they where trying to speak the Downeast dialect, some uttered a kind of shitty British accent and some who knows what they were speaking.

But it got the look and feel of a small coastal Maine town and it is a suspenseful story. I missed that the man chasing the woman was a flashback so I was a bit confused on a significant plot point. Fortunately my wife is a smart one and set me straight.

I don’t think I’ve ever been north of New York up that way, so I’m not the one to judge accents, but my roommate’s partner is from the New England coast & loved the accents. He must only be familiar with accents from south of Maine!

Thanks for bumping this thread! I just watched this. I don’t necessarily agree with Tom on every movie, but I do on this one. This is great. It’s complex and meaty and has an ominous small-town-with-a-dark-underbelly. Nothing plays out the way you think it will, but everything is believable. The performances all great. Gonna make my wife watch it!