Best thing you'll see all week: Enemy

Title Best thing you'll see all week: Enemy
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie reviews
When April 23, 2014

I once held a tarantula. A friend of mine worked for an exotic animal company. He would load up his car with tupperware containers poked with airholes. Inside were snakes, skinks, hissing cockroaches, and spiders..

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Tarantulas are weird like that, you would think they'd be a big, heavy spider, but they seem to weigh hardly anything. All you feel are several small, slightly itchy, pinpricks moving up your arm. I was freaked out the entire time I handled a tarantula, and by handled I mean letting it go wherever it wanted to go. You can't exactly leash the thing and lead it around. Definitely not the kind of pet for me.

seeing this posted as a 'best thing all week' instead of the alternative is exciting - been looking forward to enemy forever and can't wait to read about it after finally getting my mitts on it


Absolutely not!

Great anecdotal lede. I loved the way it translated your feelings about the movie into something visceral.

Thanks for this one Tom. I watched it and the ending on Amazon Prime left we wanting and then I watched the discussion with Villeneuve and Gylennhal and I realize that while I have grown to appreciate the ambiguity in film, I still have more to learn. I generally do not like someone to explain a film to me, but I needed it with this one in order to grow as a watcher of films. I appreciated it much more as a result of their commentary and your review. I also decided Gyllenhall is pretty great, but I think the pregnant wife is my favorite character.