Best thing you'll see all week: Prospect

Space as the Old West isn’t a new thing. Before Firefly, there was Outland. Before Outland, there was probably even something else.

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“The girl is played by an appropriately low-key Sophie Tucker”

Sophie Thatcher, Tom!

Oops. I blame the 80s for making me averse to that name?


That is a very evocative image on the Front Page.

This was great. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Mr Chick. I found this article illuminating:

This kind of blew my mind:

the film’s budget…came in under $4 million

This explains a lot:

I think that’s part of the reason it has a unique look. Instead of just hiring the folks who worked on The Martian or Alien: Covenant, they pulled together a disparate non-Hollywood group. It shows.


Thanks for the reminder to watch this, Tom, and for letting me know I can stream it on Amazon. I have an acquaintance on FB that was constantly posting links to production updates for what seemed like forever but with no actual explanation or reason why I should care. You’ve given me that info, and it sounds neat.

This is now on Netflix. What an excellent movie! I’ve been down on the sci-fi genre lately as they’ve become endlessly more about the spectacle and ridiculous plots. This one works great. The technology is expertly made background, and is more often a hassle than a wow-feature. The characters are great and believable, with excellent performances from the two leads and others. The plot is very tight, almost a lesson for other films on how to package plot devices, e.g. the early mention of the ‘unusual prisoner execution’ which is never actually explained / resolved but is alternatively book-ended quite neatly at the end. Recommended.

I don’t know where you are, Scott, but I’ve been looking on Netflix and it isn’t there in the US. It was just added to Hulu, though. Just about to give it a watch now that I’ve finally caught up on season 3 of The Expanse- I guess I’m just in a spacefaring mood.

I didn’t like the movie that much. Maybe I don’t care about the alien forest that much. Everything between the landing and, ahem, meeting with a family didn’t capture me. It feels like space stuff is just fluff around the Western, not adding anything at all. Before and after I see all Tom talks about: it’s evocative. It’s a glimpse into an alien universe, yes.

My girlfriend and I didn’t like it that much either. I loved the production but we really struggled to make out a lot of the dialogue; odd turns of phrase and thick accents underneath a voice comms fuzz made it harder to follow and get into the whole thing. I wish we’d put subtitles on!

Edit: The economy of storytelling and language reminded me of Supergiant’s Bastion. It makes me very happy that sci-fi movies like this are still bring made.

“they never loses [sic] sight”

I watched this last night. I thought I’d discovered something no one had ever heard of, since I’d never heard of it. A search revealed this thread. I should have known Tom has sussed out the existence of this movie somehow. Another great science fiction movie that tells a great tale. I was kind of in love with it when this song started playing at the start over the image of a planet and it’s green moon:

Btw, availability: The movie showed up on Kanopy under New Arrivals. So most people can probably watch it there like I did. If you local library or university doesn’t have Kanopy, I see that Hulu currently has the movie available as well.

@tomchick, it’s interesting that your mind went to Eugene from the Walking Dead. My own thoughts on his introduction were “this guy talks like he’s a Quentin Tarantino character”.