Best thing you'll see all week: Prospect


Space as the Old West isn’t a new thing. Before Firefly, there was Outland. Before Outland, there was probably even something else.

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“The girl is played by an appropriately low-key Sophie Tucker”

Sophie Thatcher, Tom!


Oops. I blame the 80s for making me averse to that name?



That is a very evocative image on the Front Page.


This was great. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Mr Chick. I found this article illuminating:

This kind of blew my mind:

the film’s budget…came in under $4 million


This explains a lot:

I think that’s part of the reason it has a unique look. Instead of just hiring the folks who worked on The Martian or Alien: Covenant, they pulled together a disparate non-Hollywood group. It shows.



Thanks for the reminder to watch this, Tom, and for letting me know I can stream it on Amazon. I have an acquaintance on FB that was constantly posting links to production updates for what seemed like forever but with no actual explanation or reason why I should care. You’ve given me that info, and it sounds neat.