Best thing you'll see since Poltergeist: Hereditary

It's one of those movies I'm going to have to see again, because I watched a fair amount of it between my fingers.

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Aw man, you’ve seen it! I am jealous. Been looking forward to this one since Sundance and all its buzz.

Unless you live in the sticks, I’m sure you can see it. It’s A24’s biggest release yet! 3,000 theaters! One of them has got to be near you.


I loved Hereditary SO MUCH and really appreciate the film for doing it’s own thing. Outside of The Witch, it would be my favorite horror movie of recent memory. Toni Collette was fantastic.

The bold final shot, recalling The Long Good Friday, was mesmerizing.

Tom loved this? Color me surprised, when i saw this got a D Cinemascore, and seeing that one of my fav reviewers trashed it, I’d written the movie off completely. Maybe I’ll see it when it comes on BRay.

The Witch got a C- on Cinemascore. So i really liked this movie. A masterclass performance by Collette. I wore a cap today and there were a couple of times I looked down so the bill of my cap would cover my eyes.

The movie Crocodile Dundee’d me. There is a part that is terrible and then the movie says “that’s not terrible, this is terrible.” And it’s sudden and horrific. I’m fairly certain I let out an exclamation in the theatre.

If your spoiler is on point, I am all of a sudden very interested.

I really loved this–though I never actually felt scared during it. I’m very tempted to go see it again tomorrow, knowing what it is and where it goes.

I haven’t seen Hereditary yet, but I am imagining that it may be more of an existential dread kind of thing than a traditional horror kind of thing. Which is ok with me, that’s the kind of thing that tends to stick with me longer.

Totally a badge of honor!

BTW, I’m seeing this again tomorrow. I haven’t seen a movie twice in this short a span of time since La La Land. Make of that what you will.


I did not realize Hereditary was also a musical or had musical numbers.

You should probably spoiler that.


I can’t spoil La La land because it’s so old!

Also, why is Hereditary playing at the weird movie theater here? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. This is a moral quandary.

A musical! Interest waning…unless it’s a musical like Pennies from Heaven.

Glad y’all liked this, but it did not connect with me at all. I thought it was boring and plodding and ultimately, didn’t connect to itself in a way that meant anything to me. I laughed out loud at a few parts.

It’s still nice to see horror getting these kind of nods!

Give it a while. The best part of this movie is seeing it, going home, doing stuff, forgetting about the movie, falling asleep, and then waking up in the middle of the night in a dark room and going “don’t look in the corner don’t look in the corner don’t look in the corner where is the light switch in this g’dam room don’t look in the corner”.

Or at least that was my experience.

13 million box office debut smashes the previous best from an A24 release.

I thought this was banal through to boring. Tepid through to mild shocks (apart from the genuine big one).
No better or worse than a ‘Ouija’ movie.

Saw this tonight. Fantastic film, except for the very end, when it gets a little too expository for my taste, especially since the movie gave everything to the viewer to put it together by then.
It’s unfortunate that there’ll be no QT3 podcast about this :S

Don’t write it off yet! Kellywand has seen it and I’m taking Dingus tonight.