Best thing you'll see since you were a 10-year-old playing D&D: Hawk the Slayer

Of course, you can’t talk about Ladyhawke without talking about the soundtrack. It is officially by Andrew Powell, but I think of it as an Alan Parsons Project album. I unironically love it, I used to have it on cassette tape and listened to it endlessly. But it’s hard to deny that it is pretty much completely inappropriate for the movie. So that puts a lot of people off of Ladyhawke completely.

I think Ladyhawke is great; Broderick is funny, Hauer is grim, Pfeiffer is sad and mysterious, John Wood is sinister. The script is great, it has a wonderful symmetry to it, even if the ending is a bit trite.

But now let’s talk about Flesh & Blood. This is the movie that started a lifelong obsession with Jennifer Jason Leigh, who, as far as I am concerned can do no wrong, so shut up! This movie is so over-the-top bonkers crazy (as you would expect from a Veerhoven film). The plague dogs! The crazy inventions! It’s just brutal and dirty and awesome.

I haven’t seen Soldier of Orange, but Flesh and Blood is not junk. It is visceral and stunning and unremittingly dark and disturbing at times, though.

Just scouring the internet for references towards Hawk the Slayer, in a bid to draw more attention to the new audio version now in production. I know, very cheeky, but its got 2 weeks to go on Kickstarter, and as a Hawk fan I cannot rest until I’ve done all I can to help bring this world back to life. <3 :)

I wish I was still 10 and could appreciate a movie like this.

Somehow missed this thread at the time, and the film, for that matter. Just a little before my time. Anyway, it’s on a recent Flop House and I’m watching it at last.

Edit: Oh, man, the subtitles are amazing: “[Lots of screaming and agony]”

Edit 2: I love this movie’s obsession with rapid-fire arrows/crossbow bolts. Eat your heart out, Len Wiseman.

Edit 3: WTF is with the sound effects in the finale? Half WWII submachine guns and half sci-fi lasers. In a fantasy movie. And there’s a blizzard for some reason?

Edit 4: Quality credits, too: “Woman”. Yeah, this film isn’t passing the Bechdel test.