Best things you'll see all week: I'm Your Woman, Shadow in the Cloud

Title Best things you'll see all week: I'm Your Woman, Shadow in the Cloud
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie reviews
When January 2, 2021

I'm Your Woman and Shadow in the Cloud are both fantastic genre movies, but they're also special for how they're uniquely about a woman's perspective on the frustrating limitations of a man's world..

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Oh man, I need to check out Shadow in the Cloud, that sounds cool. Remember that WW2 bomber segment in Heavy Metal? Man, that was awesome.

Normally I don’t put any stock in IMDb reviews, but how bad is that cute baby’s crying? Seems to be a common theme. Intriguing pairing in this essay; thanks, Tom.

I’m Your Woman looks pretty good. I’m going to watch that one soon, maybe even tonight.

I’m no actor, but I totally agree about the sharing scenes with a baby stuff. That linked baby scene was pretty good example of a scene-stealing baby. I’m guessing those baby blue eyes were all CGI, but what I do I know? That baby was freakishly adorable. Babies in real life are not like that at all. Babies in real life are like spitting up, smelly, and stained with crushed peas and so forth.

I would go so far as to call it formative.


I apparently do not have whatever gene or instinct makes people think baby humans are cute, so for me pretty much any actor worth their salt is going to hold my attention over a baby. Now, a puppy, a kitten, or a Grogu…

I’m mostly interested in Shadow of the Cloud because it’s by the same dude that brought us Netflix’s Alien Nation movie, Bright. I enjoyed that one against all odds, and I’ll find any excuse to see Hit Girl kicking more ass again.

Well, not really. Max Landis was fired and the script underwent what must have been a pretty hefty re-write by the director. I’m happy to say it’s entirely missing his stink. When the credits rolled and I saw his name, I was shocked.


Yep, same dude and everything. This could very well be his best yet.

My point is Shadow in the Cloud in no way “his”. If you’re seeing this because you liked Bright, this is not the movie you’re looking for.


P.S. Ha ha, you saw Bright.

For months I thought Max Landis was the Twilight Zone movie guy, wrong Landis. I wonder which one is hated more.

By the way, check out Roseanne Liang’s short, Do No Harm:

From watching this and Shadow in the Cloud, it’s clear that Shadow in the Cloud is pretty much all hers. It seems Landis came up with a short premise on par with an anthology episode, but Liang fleshed it out into a full-fledged movie with a neat angle on why it needs a female character.


I’m Your Woman, I’m your man. Loved it. I was a teen in the 70’s and from my recollections of the time the film nails the moment of the early 70s including what passed for glamor and the tacky trappings of wealth as portrayed to the common folk.

Rachel Brosnahan is fantastic and so is the supporting cast, especially Arinze Kene/Cal. If you like movies that leave the characters and you quite a bit in the dark then you should like this.

Watched Shadow in the Cloud w my 12 year old daughter last night. Silly, but fun.

@tomchick, Mei enjoyed it, but said she wished that the baby had crawled into a gun turret, while wearing a gunner hat and chomping a cigar, and machine gunned the gremlin on the ground at the end, saving his mom with a wink.

Minor request Tom; with everything going The Way of the Stream it’d be great if you could throw in a line or so as to how/where you saw these movies.

Looks like Amazon for both of these, though Shadow in the Cloud isn’t yet available in the UK.

I want this young woman writing or podcasting about movies stat!

That’s weird, because it’s a New Zealand production. You guys obviously need to get your imperial territories in order if you can’t even get a movie from one of the Australian provinces.

But, yeah, they’re both on Amazon. I’m Your Woman is an Amazon exclusive. I’m guessing it’s probably part of some contract Rachel Brosnahan has with the studio based on the success of the Mrs. Maisel series? Shadow in the Cloud is a wide digital release you should be able to find anywhere fine films are streamed.


I sent a telegram to the Queen and was thus able last night to watch Shadow in the Cloud. I thought it was great! Who’d have thought that climbing on the underbelly of a plane mid-flight would barely even tussle your hair, though. I’ve seen more aerodynamic ferocity in L’Oréal adverts.

As I told fellow Shadow in the Cloud fan Kellywand, all was forgiven in that scene when Roseanne Liang flipped the camera upside down. I was, like, wait, we’re doing this? Really? OKAY, LET’S DO THIS! I was so on board with whatever she wanted to do from that point on that I didn’t even mind when Chloe Moretz Grace got exploded back into the B-17!


You missed a good opportunity to write “as she womans a .50 caliber gun emplacement”

Argh! So true!

For what it’s worth, I’ve seen Shadow in the Cloud twice now. It’s even better the second time!