Best Transportation / Train Logistics Game?

I havent picked it up yet, but I’d go with :

Definitely Transport Fever 2 unless you only care about trains. And possibly even then.

Railroad Corporation definitely had a rough start and certainly still has some strides to make. However, the fact that it has seen continual updates to improve it has been good. It is a better game than it was at launch, but probably still has improvements to make to match or beat Railway Empire.

Also, it’s not really in the same category of game, but it’s definitely about logistics and it does have trains — The Colonists, as discussed on the city builder thread.

The A-Train DS game was nice. The A-Train games in general are all about efficiency, although that might make them more of a puzzle game series, especially in later iterations. IE, you aren’t that free: the constraints of the goals are heavy on you.
There is a Windows port of the DS game on Steam, and it seems to be 60% off right now:

For pure logistical problems, I’d go to wargames instead? Most civilian ones can’t get around the private economical aspects. But in SSG games, you got another sort of competition, eh.
It took me 30 years to get around it, but the first Railroad Tycoon is my favourite. The simple pleasure of connecting sources and watching tchootchoos go tchootchoo.
If you want that without having to draw the roads, there is Brian’s LOGistICal?

Mashinky. That is all.

Anyone else play Mashinky, I see 9 steam forum members own it! Seems its on track for a 2020 release of version 1.0

…and it has very cute trains!

Also not train-centered and more about automation than transportation but with trains…

Mashinky is totally playable and stable right now. The trick here is, you don’t make money, you make different things that get more complicated to make, the farther you go, and you need that better stuff to buy better trains and addons for your factories.

Boughted! Still think I need a more traditional transportation game.

I’ll have to move this higher on the backlog. I have trouble firing up really old games.

I think this may be the one to try. Still a bit pricey so I may hold off (or maybe not)

The lack of signalling makes me a bit hesitant on this one. That seems like a big part of these types of games.

On my wishlist now. I tend to stay away from EA.

Seriously, just get TF2. It’s fantastic, and they’ve patched out most of the interface niggles.

It actually has some signalling now, both of the two-way and one-way variety, to allow for more complex rail networks after the March update. Admittedly, the train pathfinding still has some room for improvement to handle the increased room for complexity though, so not perfect in that regard yet.

I played Mashinky and it was very enjoyable. I would also recommend Factory Town if you are looking for a logistics type game.

Railroad Corporation is quite good now. I’m really proud of the developers for taking our suggestions and making the hard decision to literally retool some of the core routing and track laying (which they initially said they didn’t want to do as it went beyond the scope of their game).

To be perfectly honest, I enjoyed the campaign of Railroad Corporation more than Railway Tycoon as it has carry-over elements between missions.

Perfectly valid! However sometimes it is nice to go the other way, as it allows better difficulty tuning, since doing too well or too poorly can render a mission either impossible or trivial.

Also great hats.

A lot of the steam reviews suggest no challenge, weird things with supply/demand (e.g. you can keep shipping goods to a factory that isn’t making use of them). What’s your take on that?

I would disagree with “no challenge”, but it’s true that outside the campaign the challenge is largely self-imposed. You’re not competing with other companies a la Railroad Tycoon. But infrastructure is expensive, both initially and in terms of operating costs, and if you’re not careful it’s easy to run at a loss (especially early game where your options are limited and not very efficient). So, sure, if you take things slowly and don’t make silly decisions, you’re never going to “lose”. But it’s not about that. It’s about growing your infrastructure from one horse and cart to a sprawling multi-modal empire over centuries, and constantly optimising.
Re: supply and demand, there are some oddities to the model, but I don’t really see the issue with what you describe. You can do that, but it’s not efficient, so why would you?

None of this is to say it’s a perfect game. I have lots of gripes with it. But I’ve enjoyed it more than any game of its type since RT2.

Thanks! It’s certainly been on my radar for a while - I was planning on picking up Railway Tycoon or TF2. Just never been able to decide!

Any recommendations on a maritime logistics game? I already own the Patrician and Anno games, which include maritime trade, but I’m more interested in multimodal terminals, anchorages, supply and repair, etc.

Right now Transport Fever 2 seems like my best bet.