Best video converter that's not Handbrake?

I’ve got a video camera (I know, what a throwback) that outputs in MTS format. I was using Video to Video to change that over to high quality MP4 format, but even when I select highest quality I see some extra grain plus I see some extra pixelation when the camera pans quickly.

Any recommendations for a truly high quality video converter? Being able to trim or connect files would be a nice add (I have a full video editor, Cyberlink PowerDirector, but sometimes I just want a quick simple trip or connect.)


Adobe Media Encoder CC might be one of the best in the business, but that’s a professional product and I’m unsure whether it’s available on its own or you need to subscribe to another Adobe App.

There’s a free trial, though.

Thanks checked that but you have to buy a creative cloud subscription to get it and can’t get it alone. :(

You could always try the video editor built into Windows 10. I think it’s part of the Photos app?

You could try VSDC’s Free video editor. I haven’t used it for much more than a handful of conversions, trimming out intros from videos, or plucking out a certain span of time. That said, it does get the job done, and they have a more capable paid version for a very reasonable price ($20).

I love me some Format Factory at work. I’m asked all the time to convert video files in all sorts of wonky formats from surveillance camera systems, police cruiser/body/interview cams, television news clips, etc., and Format Factory has yet to let me down.

It’s freeware, and be advised that you need to pay attention on install and uncheck the boxes for the “additional software”, but once installed it does not beg, there is no watermark or other sign of freeware, and it is not feature limited. It also could not be easier to use…simply drag any video or audio file to the application, choose the desired output format (and fiddle with the advanced settings if you so desire) and click Start. You can batch process multiple files too.

I’ve been using a lot of free converters but still didn’t find the most convenient for me. Could you recommend anything decent?