Best Virtual Disc program?

I travel a lot, play a lot of games on my notebook computer. I’d love to be able to use one of the virtual disc programs to avoid having to carry the discs with me to play.

So - with all of the copy protection schemes, etc. - what’s the best program? Best = works with the most programs with the least hassle.


I like it. The only other virtual drive I know of is alcohol 120, but I’ve only heard good things about alcohol. Never needed to use it because daemon-tools has always treated me right.

CloneCD also has an image drive

I have used Daemon Tools and recently tried alcohol 120%:

It has a nicer interface than DT but you do have to pay after the trial. Also A120 will let you rip images and mount them. DT just mounts them so you need CloneCD or something else to make images.

– Xaroc

Daemon Tools.

Tho I’ve heard alcohol120 can be good too.