Best way to get Direct TV

Any suggestions? I know I can go through the directv web site, but I can use Best Buy too, and there may be other brokers I don’t know about. It doesn’t appear that (EVEN THOUGH THE PEOPLE ACROSS THE STREET HAVE IT) I can get U-Verse and I’m not in a FIOS area.

I’m desperate for lower prices and the NFL and NBA TV networks, so help me out here!!! :)

No cable company?

Don’t understand? I have a cable company I hate. I seriously doubt they’ll give me Direct TV in fact I’m prepared to stop paying them outright if they don’t cancel my account right away (the account is in my mom’s name who has passed away).

The reason I hate the cable company (Charter) is because they don’t have NFL network, they don’t have NBA TV, they don’t buy all of the Angel’s games so I miss quite a few of them, and the Sunday before last, they didn’t even buy the CBS football game, so I missed it. Charter is in bankruptcy. Why do I want to stay with a shitty bankrupt sports hating cable company?

I symphatize on the inexplicable lack of Uverse. I dealt with the same thing with FiOS…It was within walking distance, but not in my huge apartment complex. I don’t know if it’s anything different than what DirectTV has on their website anyway, but techbargains is showing some deals for it.

Misunderstood your question. Charter might have a sports package; that’s how I get NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. networks on Comcast. Admittedly, I wouldn’t use Comcast except that I got a bundle price that was better than what I could get from AT&T.

Also, FWIW, not getting the CBS game might have had to do with the NFL’s ludicrous blackout rules.

In any event, do whatever you have to do to get NFL RedZone channel. It is probably the greatest invention in the history of man.