Best way to limit monitor refresh rate?

I just got a Lenovo gaming laptop, with a 144Hz panel, which is the first time I have dealt with a monitor faster than 60Hz. Testing a couple of games, it sounds like it is going to start breathing fire when running 100+ fps.

Looking around, I can see that both the Nvidia control panel and Windows display settings have options to limit refresh rate. Does it make a difference which one I use? Is there a difference between normal desktop mode vs fullscreen games?

No need to adjust the monitor refresh rate, use the nvidia control panel to limit game fps, either per game or global.

Probably not - I assume they are doing the same thing.

I’m not sure if there is a difference between full and windowed games - if I set a game to be 60fps limit in the Nvidia control panel, it’s 60fps regardless of what display mode it’s in. If you set it in Windows control panel you’ll never get above what you set it to regardless. I’d probably just limit it in Windows if you don’t care about your desktop having high refresh rate (which is really nice, but not at the cost of thermals/battery life in a laptop, I’m sure).


As mentioned, just either choose the option in the global tab, or do it per game in the Program Settings tab.

RivaTuner or RTSS3D if nothing else works for a particular game.

You paid for 144Hz, use them. Who cares about a little noise!