Best way to ship your crap internationally?

I am probably going to be relocating to St Petersburg in the spring, and I wanted to know if anyone here had any tips on shipping?

I was thinking it would be nice to pack everything in a nice shipping container and then just have it arrive sometime after or before me, but damn, I can’t imagine the customs nightmares.

Anyone actually done this? Moved internationally with a container, that is? I don’t have much stuff, but there’s some somewhat bulky stuff I’d want to take with me. Although hell, it might just be cheaper to buy new stuff.

St. Petersburg, Russia?

Indeed. :) I’m sure there’s others, but I probably wouldn’t want to live in them, like say, St Petes, Ohio.

Pay a reputable international shipper to pack it up for you - it’ll probably take 3 months to get there. When I did it nearly 7 years ago it cost me about $3000 for my whole household. Hassle free, they fill out the forms for you.

Best way to ship your crap internationally?

Just keep flushing… it’s a long way to Russia.

When I moved internationally, I hired a shipping company to take my stuff. I packed it all up into manageably-sized cardboard boxes (I wasn’t taking any furniture), since once it arrives at the final destination you probably won’t want to have an entire shipping container delivered to your new house or apartment. The shipping company picked up my boxes, and then added them into a shipping container that they were already sending to Los Angeles, thereby making it cheaper for me. When the stuff arrived at LA, the local rep from the shippign company faxed me a power of attorney form, and then he took care of getting it through customs, and loading into a truck to bring to me.

They quoted me prices for air or sea cargo, and the air cargo wasn’t much more, but a lot faster (5 weeks I think), so I took that. Shipping by sea was about 3 months. I think it cost me about $1500, but that was a few years ago, and I may have got a discount since my mum knew the guy at the shipping company. Also, of course the cost will differ for different routes.

Hope that helps.

Necromancy Ho!

So I need to ship like…6 plastic bins full of stuff and about…8 boxes from California to Japan. I am guessing it all needs to be palletized and put on a boat? Has anyone does this before? Any recommendations as far as companies? Anything I need? I am already in Japan and all the crap is with my sister.

Palletized and shipped, probably yes.

My guess is that the hairy part is going to be on your end of things. It might be easiest to find someone who can (must?) take care of bringing your shipment into the country, through customs, etc., and then see if they have recommendations for (or existing relationships with) packers/shippers on the US end.

So, @Backov, how was St Petersburg?

I’ve shipped stuff from Japan to Canada but not the other way around. I don’t know if the company I used does that. I would have to look up the name of the company as it was a couple of years ago.

Call a logistics company. They’ll pack it into a container with other people’s stuff to reduce the cost. They’ll take care of most of the work for you.