Best way to stream data (movies/music) to a tv

I’m going through withdrawel with my xbox being down, so I’m thinking about the most cost-effective way to do some things.

I would like to stream movies and music (off my hard drive) to our older low-definition tv in the bedroom via network. How would I do this as cheaply as possible?

Wait for your 360 repair :)

I was looking at Boxee but wasn’t sure if it would allow me to stream everything from my PC or not - or if Netflix works well. It apparently costs just $20 for the dongle/adapter thing but I can’t find it anywhere. If you look at boxee’s main website (the video at the top) they talk about the cable at 1:26. But I can’t find any reference to this magic adapter.

Also, I have this older model Blu-Ray player (Sony BDP-S350) as part of the equipment replacement from our flood a few years ago. I can update its firmware via the Internet from my Home network - I wonder if I can stream stuff to that?

I have that same model, and you can’t stream to it. Sorry.

I appreciate you telling me. Saved me a lot of time trying to make it do something it can’t do.

Old laptop running PS3 media server + $20-$40 infrared remote control USB thingy for it.

Too bad I just sold my WDTV to a friend last week for $50 after trying unsuccessfully to sell it for 6 months. I would have sent it your way Jeff. I know money is tight but something like it (WD TV or Asus O!Play Air, Patriot media box or something) while is Yet Another Gadget, works better generally than a console.