Best WoW UI enhancement package

This is a follow up to the best server/guild question. When I was last playing, I had dumped Cosmos because it was too intrusive, and was using a blend of Gypsy-mod, Lootlink, MonkeyQuest, and one or two other things.

I poked around some WoW UI sites, looked at what had been downloaded most, etc. The only really new thing I see is something called Titan.

What is teh new hotness with respect to mod packages. As always, I’m looking for relatively easy to use. I do not mind downloading a few mods, but don’t want to spend 10 hours reading about XML modifications to get it to work.

I’m looking for just the most useful package, that perfect balance of available screen space and utility.

I say stick with the default UI and pick and choose stuff that’s beneficial to your class/tradeskills. Get them from the slow yet useful .

On my druid, I used DruidBar, Auctioneer, Gatherer, Atlas, and QuuSpellAlert.

That was all it took to make me happy. I don’t really see why you need a complete UI redesign.

Maybe I do not. I’ve just found that often times the package has already accomplished the sometimes annoying work of making the individual mods play nice together (and install nicely together).

I can see that. Most of the mods I have used (other than an extremely brief attempt at cosmos) are very small and focused. If one doesn’t work upon installation, I remove it. I haven’t had any trouble with inter-mod conflicts yet.

Another class specific mod I’m using now: Overpoweralert! Gives text and sound notification when your target dodges, perfect for switching to battle stance and letting them have it.

I started playing again recently and after looking around and trying some mods (including Cosmos), I ended up sticking with Titan. I get a nice clean panel at the top that displays information I need/want.

Along with Titan, I use Atlas, Gatherer, Auctioneer and PaladinAssist (on my pally, of course).

That’s it.

The Insomniax Recompilation is a bit intimidating, but it packages a bunch of great mods together. It’s officially on hold, but one of the posters on the forum who works with IXLedMirage (Ascendant) has made a pretty good substitute, and the original IX recomp looks like it’s coming out soon, as they’re changing the forum up and whatnot.

Maybe it’s cuz I use SCT or don’t get in crazy enough fights (I’m only 40 and have done SM a few times), but I always found that just seeing the big word “Dodge” appear over a mob is enough of an indicator for me to use Overpower.

I use SCT as well, but I never really gave it a chance in this scenario. I had OverPowerAlert installed by the time my warrior was level 10.

Is it just me or does auctioneer not work with the 1.8 patch? I can scan the auctions manually with a slash command but the UI features don’t seem to work.

Every time I log in I’m treated to some popup about how Auctioneer isn’t working. I never used it before 1.8, so I dunno. I just use /auctioneer scan about once a day and then use it to suggest prices to sell my junk.

There’s a web site for the new version of Auctioneer. If you go to curse-gaming and look up Auctioneer, you’ll see the website link. The new version works with 1.8.

I use autobuff ftw, I’m sure they are gonna nerf it out of existence, it’s that good, but in the meantime, I use it on all toons. Just make sure you only enable the buffs you want.

I also use a fishing ui and necrosis for my 'locks.

Lorini (looking forward to 1.9 when you can tailor your add ons to each toon).

I used the Insomniax Recompilation mod for a while last year. It was great, but there were often substantial delays between the release of a major WoW patch and a full update of the Recompilation package.

I switched to Nurfed UI as a substitute and am happy with it. It also tends to be updated more quickly than the Insomniax mod. Just click on the Download link in the top right corner of the site to get the mod.

I use three mods that aren’t included with NurfedUI. Atlas for maps, SelfCast for less mouseclicking when I solo, and Auctioneer for guidelines for buying & selling.

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I use Discord Action Bars - very configurable, very clean, very useful :)

I’ve been playing WoW for a while and have being using mods for ages. I quickly moved away from Cosmos and other compilations and have rolled my own UI for quite some time, even getting into the code and modifying them to suit my own needs/fix bugs. Most of these are specifically for my Rogue and many could be dropped if you’re not interested in stats tracking and things like that. My current list is:

Combat Stats
Cooldown Count
Damage Meters
Enhanced Tooltip
Equipment Manager
Good Inspect
Gypsy Hotbar (1.0)
Gypsy Shell (1.0)
Info Bar (similar to Titan bar)
Item Buff Bar
Loot Link
My Inventory
Nymbia’s Perl Unit Frames
Poison Master
Scrolling Combat Text
Self Cast
Stun Watch
Tooltip Placer
Uber Quest
Use by Name
Weapon Quick Swap

I love them all, but if you’re interested in just the minimum I highly recommend Atlas, the Gypsy stuff, Scrolling Combat Text (I can’t live without this) and I really like Nymbia’s Perl Unit Frames. I really think that’s all most people would need and all are fairly easy to configure and the Gypsy and Perl frames are actually pretty powerful.

Jeez, Trunk, what’s left for you to handle after you log in? :shock:

Heh, most of my mods are either information trackers/displayers or take the tedium out of mundane or overly complicated tasks (if you’ve played a rogue much you know the pain of buying/making/applying poisons). There’s nothing that automates much beyond that, though I do know people who can just hit follow and have their mods play for them.[/img]

UUI + CastParty + AutoProfit + a bunch of FizzWidgets like AutoCraft and AdSpace.


cosmos (many useful components bundled in, disable the rest, plus - autoupdates!)
perl unit frames
nurfed action bars

scrolling combat text
stance sets

How did you change the font on your chat windows in that screenshot?

There’s an addon called “CleanFont” you can download off Curse.

Just do a search for it.