Best Xbox 360 print mag?

I’d like to get a subscription for an Xbox 360 print magazine for reviews, previews, and information on Xbox live games as well.

What do you all suggest? (please don’t say on-line as I want something to read in bed).

I don’t think its unreasonable to mention edge. Alot of its coverage is 360 and the standards of the articles (if not always the reviews) is pretty exceptional.

If you want exclusive previews, Game Informer definitely leads in that area.

Yeah, i’d say Edge as well for the good articles.

Do both of those reviww DLC and xboxlive content too?

So the “official” Xbox magazine isn’t that good?

OXM is a perfectly acceptable choice, and a hell of a lot cheaper than EDGE. I’ve been reading it for years and Fran Reyes has done a fine job as EIC.

That’s not saying much though. Official DC magazine sucked ass when she was there. It was juvenile and read like Incite Gaming.

If you want an Xbox only mag, it’s either the US Official Xbox Magazine or the UK one. That’s it.

What the Game Papers Say is a feature on Gamasutra that covers what’s in the game magazines each month. This month, this caught my eye from Gamepro:

So even though I don’t remember liking GamePro, it sounds like the magazine has had an overhaul and might be more to my liking now. If they’re trying to be more Edge-like (and succeeding?) but at a fraction of the price, it might be worth trying. And you could be the brave to try it out jpinard!

Pfft. I’ve read PC Accelerator, and I know what a juvenile magazine from Future reads like.

GamePro is completely different. It’s trying to be like Edge with fewer pages and cheap paper quality. John Davison is now Executive Vice President of Content there.

The upfront subscription cost to Edge is really hard to swallow – but I just look at it as $8 a month for something that’s consistently awesome all year.

The previews are just as useful as final reviews. They’re not afraid to give you their honest impressions, which is a hell of a lot more valuable to me than the typical rah-rah every-game-is-going-to-be-amazing preview you get everywhere else.

Love their feature well and reviews. Well-written and in-depth.

I read plenty online, but you can’t beat sinking into the couch or bed with a good magazine and devouring it for an hour or two.

I just started a two-year subscription to Edge but the last issue I got was a while ago… it was a yellow Katamari ball cover featuring the past decade of great games.

Have there been other issues since then? Anyone know the issue #'s? … I may need that info when I call.

Halo: Reach was the last cover I got.

Yeah, and I see a Crysis 2 cover on this website… I think I’ve missed two.

Whoo, true dat! I remember they had an article on drinking and video game driving. While it was pretty funny, I also thought it was kind of irresponsible. Lots of kids read video game magazines. Yeah, they all used to scream that they were magazines for adults, but did they honestly not think a pretty good number of their readers were minors???

I just buy Edge from the newsstand (Barnes & Noble). It’s fun to go there and pick it up. Same with games™. There’s not much savings with the subscription, and both mags usually appear at B&N on the same week.

Frys has it too, but neither are consistently reliable sources month-to-month.

But it seems that a subscription isn’t necessarily reliable either based on a post above.