BestBuy online taking PS3 preorders-

I ordered mine. Seemed almost too easy…

Well, damn. Estimated delivery date 11/18.

Maybe the whole shortage thing was just to get people excited. “Hah, jokes on you. We have 4 million ready to roll.”

Hmm… Preorder confirmation came through, but I noticed the console isn’t linked off the main site. Wonder if this is legit, or if someone just found out the link to a page that’s not supposed to be live yet.

Who knows. But if this goes through, I’m one happy panda. I went through such hell to get a 360 last year… it took me 4 months of hitting refresh on five different online stock summary webpages.

If this works out that would be amazing, I too went through hell last year to get a 360, and it was around the middle of December before I actually got one. Will be monitoring my credit report for asinine Best Buy behavior =)

I just checked my online statement, and they charged my card already.

I have a feeling these orders are going to be canceled. We’ll see.

I actually had to order again about 5 minutes later – Best Buy had my old address in its system.

The online system will almost always pre autorize the card for the order ammount.

It says coming soon now. Taking that as a good sign, though if I actually get a PS3 on the 18th I will be floored.

Order page shows “coming soon” now.

Be interesting to see if these are canceled… How did you find this, flyinj?

Found this on GAF where it was found on SA:

I just got off the phone with Best Buy.

A) The rep said that orders will NOT be canceled until they receive shipments and send out the units. When they run out all other orders will be canceled. She didn’t exactly sound like she was an expert on the subject, but still…

B) There is NO order to the last four digits of the order numbers. Those numbers are NOT in order, and they do NOT represent a number in line for one of the Best Buy units.

C) Any and all people that were charged on their credit cards were using Debit Cards. Companies will charge the full amount for authorization and then refund the money after the authorization is complete. Then once the unit is shipped you will be charged in full.

D) She confirmed that this was indeed legit, and that all orders had been received.

I have a feeling there will be more to this come Monday, but I was able to change my shipping to 2nd day and I was able to confirm all this. It should at least put some rumors to bed on this board…

I wish you guys luck, but you probably shouldn’t count on Best Buy actually sending you one.

I saw it posted on GAF.

Is this gone already? I don’t see any way to actually order it, just an ‘add to wishlist’ button which doesn’t help.

Yeah, it’s unfortunately over. It was open for a good hour though.

Looks like those pre-orders are getting pulled on account of a “glitch.”

“Informed us that Bestbuy does not do preorders and that everyone who was able to obtain a preorder on their site will not be receiving one and will be given a full refund. His answer comes as no surprise, considering Bestbuy’s history of console launches and the lack of news that they would be taking preorders last night. To clear up the matter even further, the sales representative assured us that all participating Bestbuy outlets will be opening their doors on November 17 at 8 a.m. An employee will come around giving out PS3 tickets that correlate to the exact amount of PS3s their store holds. When a customer receives a ticket, he/she will be able to go inside the store and purchase a PS3.”

There have been many different stories here. Most of the people who call BB to inquire about their order were told it’s legit (that’s what they told me when I called). A few were told that it was being “evaluated”. Very few were told their orders would be cancelled. Everyone who ordered one hasn’t had their order cancelled yet.

Personally, I’m skeptical that I’m going to get my order- it seems you must be either tortured physically (standing in line for 5 days) or filthy rich (pay $5000 for it on Ebay) to get a console these days.

And, I hardly trust some site called “PS3Land” as the authority on Best Buy’s internal policy.

Best Buy does indeed do pre-orders. They have a FAQ on their site explaining how to pre-order stuff. So the story from PS3land is bogus. There is no glitch. I got a notice from a “pre-order alert” site last night pointing to this as well. I went to best buy’s site and by the time I got my card all ready to order and stuff, the pre-order was removed.

The sketchy part is that the page wasn’t linked from the BB main page. It was found by someone browsing Froogle.

If the page was linked of the BB main site, I would be a lot more confident. I think I’m just still in denial that I was actually able to get a console at launch.

It’s not surprising people are getting conflicting info from their phone number - support orgs are often the last to know when something goes fubar (which it looks like is what happened here). Plus it’s the weekend, so the people that would give the support org a head’s up probably aren’t available.