BestBuy online taking PS3 preorders-

I understand your apprehension and share it because, when I got the link, I went looking for my Best Buy credit card to make sure I wasn’t being scammed. Still, I didn’t get said link from Froogle or GAF. I got a direct-to-Best-Buy link in my email from a PS3 pre-order alert service that I signed up for ages ago.

I’m not surprised they didn’t put it on the home page. A limited item such as this would hardly be worth mucking up the homepage for. I’m sure they had to notify someone for the word to get around so quickly.

Yeah but where did your service get the link? I would guess from Froogle.

For reference for folks, the only pre-orders BBuy offered last year on the 360 was a very limited number to reward zone members only as one of the reward zone “perks”. Given the numbers that are being bandied about for PS3s and the change in the RZ program I doubt even that will happen.

Doubtful that anyone will receive a PS3 that ordered one from Best Buy Online.

I like how the Dad says his son earned a PS3. $600 plus games and accessories! Sheesh.

I’m telling you, they should’ve charged $1000 for these things.

Everybody got the cancel email days ago, along with a $10 online only coupon.