Bethesda Announces Quake 4 for PC and 360

Yes, Quake 4. That’s not a typo.

“If you didn’t pick up an Xbox 360 at launch, it’s possible you might have missed out on one of the system’s best launch titles, Quake 4,” Bethesda said.

“With it becoming harder and harder to find a new copy of the game, we’re happy to announce we’re re-releasing it at a low price of $19.99.”

Bad Dog! Don’t recycle old titles!

At least not at a low price of $19.99.

$19.99? Such a bargain!

I am so confused.

Maybe expect some other announcement about online play as well? Maybe they plan to revamp online to compete with the CoD Elite service or something?


So… this is the same exact game? Or are they going to at least optimize the 360 version? (it was a launch title, and it didn’t harness well the 360 hardware).

The game was out of print, but based on that ebay link, there are obviously tons of copies out there. I dunno, makes no sense to me.

Sweet! I’ve been waiting for this one!

Are they…you know…fixing it? It was fine on PC, but on the 360 it had all sorts of horrible frame rate issues much worse than today’s games.

Sweet! Already bought it years ago for 10 bucks!

But the game just recently came out on Steam! That doesn’t count as a re-release on PC? I was hoping for a bigger sale on it this Christmas, but it didn’t come to a low enough price for me to pull the trigger just to own the Steam version. But now they’re re-releasing it at an even higher price? Interesting.

Yeah, I remember picking it up in a Steam sale for $5, so this announcement seems kind of strange at least on the PC side.

It’s actually called Quake 4 Kinect HD. As you’d expect, the game requires the Kinect for all movement and activities. Rocket jumps involve jumping at least 1 feet in the air and yelling “boom boom!”. You move forward by windmilling your arms in a swimming motion above your head. One particular boss can only be defeated by dancing to covers of Christina Aguilera songs.

Recently leaked is footage of a highly controversial level where you go undercover in a Strogg suit and maniacally rampage with a horde of fellow aliens through a futuristic Chuck-E-Cheese. The game doesn’t force you to eat the tweens at the birthday party, but it doesn’t punish you either. It doesn’t make value judgements. Just like real life. It’s deep like that.

LOL! Awesome.

I have no idea why they would be re-releasing it. Have they upgraded the graphics or added content? Or is their a sequel on the way? I really don’t see the point.

Bethesda realized there was a hole in their release schedule (perhaps especially with the cancellation (?) of Prey 2) and have acted so as to plug it.

Actually it’s probably just a rebranded Prey 2, which focus group testing revealed wasn’t as popular a license as Quake.

I still have an unopened copy of Quake 4 sitting in my cupboard somewhere. One of the last PC games I bought in a store, for some reason I just never got around to playing it.

They really need to get a : into the title somehow…Quake: The Re-releasening…

What’s the problem here? Everything old is new again.

Devious. Just when everyone had forgotten that Quake 4 ever existed.