Bethesda finally let the other shoe drop on paid mods at E3 2017


The cost of filing said legal complaint.


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Interesting take by Gopher. (Watch the whole thing, btw.)


I guess one really cool thing that could come out of this, is if they are allowed to add their curated mods on PS4 - that would mean you finally could get mods with scripts in them, on that console, which would be great!


You know, I think this is why there is no real word on the next elder scrolls game. They want to get all this worked out, and then make the next ES game with this in mind.


That’s a good video. I think his conclusion in the end is wrong although he’s basically right about everything the whole time, because he wants to preserve large paid for DLC. The implication is that this stuff is going to be a lot like TF2 hats, and that’s probably the most right thing I’ve heard. Paying creators to create marginal content that Bethesda owns makes 1000% more sense than Bethesda opening a FFA marketplace for paid mods, and that content is likely to be of the easily verifiable sort that they can comb through for copyright violations; i.e. “hats”.


Naw, they just don’t want to alternate Fallout/Elder Scrolls indefinitely. They have 2 unrelated games first, including a rumoured space-based one that sounds like a mix between Elder Scrolls/worlds and sci-fi exploration, like Mass Effect. Which sounds awesome, if true.

Summary of some rumours - not all correct, as is evident by the title, but interesting:


I sure hope they release another open world game sometime soon. That starfield idea does sound good. Fallout 4 really didn’t do it for me. I found the world very generic and bland. I am also tired of skyrim after so many years. The next open world RPG can’t come soon enough.


The Creation Club mod:

A golf club melee weapon that randomly creates a vast variety of items, creatures or characters around the player while swinging it. Comes with weapon upgrades and color variants. Removing the extra ability turns the weapon into a regular golf club.


Nice! That’s pretty clever.


To really hit the nail on the head, the mod maker should’ve tagged the weapon so it costs caps to swing it.


Or make lawyers spawn behind you.


This is live now.

How do I redeem my free 100 Creation Credits?

Enjoy your complimentary 100 Creation Credits by logging into the
Creation Club Store in Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition. On Steam and Xbox One, your free credits are shared between Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition. On PSN, you will find 100 Creation Credits to spend in each game, since credits are not transferable on that platform. Creation Club for Skyrim Special Edition is expected in September


Hey! Whaddya know? Creation Club stuff is already turning out to be a bum deal for buyers on some items.

Fallout 4 Hellfire Armor is 500 credits or about $5. (Note that like all freemium funny money schemes, there is a floor on the minimum credit purchase. In this case, the minimum credit purchase is 750 credits for $7.99.)

There is a free mod version of Hellfire Armor on Nexus and Bethesda’s network already.


I hope this whole, thing is a spectacular failure. I never liked DLC (I miss the days of full blown expansions), and I do not want the idea of mini-dlcs to take hold.

I also try a lot of mods, but do not keep using a lot of them very long.


Is that the exact same armor? If so, great to see they were extra-careful about curation on day one. Don’t want to invite horse armor type criticism again, after all.


It’s not exactly the same, but it is based on the same Hellfire Armor from Fallout 3.

It seems like the free mod version is better.


Being free doesn’t hurt, of course. But I agree.


As long as it isn’t the exact same armor it’s basically OK. I mean, it’s obviously a ripoff in a horse armor type sense, but it’s not actually stolen.


Technically there’s nothing wrong here. Even from a reusing assets standpoint, since the armor comes from Bethesda’s own Fallout 3, they certainly have the right to make it again for Fallout 4.

The pricing is pretty clearly nuts. $5 for one power armor mod is crazy, but I guess if people buy it…